Disconcertingly Delightful


WordPress Michelle asks today: When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

Embarrassed: uncomfortable, self-conscious, nervous, ashamed, mortified, humiliated, discomfited, ill at east, disconcerted.

If each of these words is a cousin to embarrassed, then I am in a constant state of embarrassment. I am uncomfortable in many social situations; self-conscious about whether or not I have stuff stuck in my teeth (and a myriad of other things I am too embarrassed to admit);  naturally nervous; and practice avoid ance and denial when it comes to mortification and humiliation . I am discomfited when faced with a new situation; ill at ease often; and disconcerted always.

I guess I am just one big bundle of embarrassment waiting to happen. But is that always a bad thing? I find that always being on the alert for awkward situations keeps me on my toes. I fake it in social situations fairly decently (in that I do not avoid them); I check my teeth and other things about my outward appearance so I will not offend others’ aesthetics (ha ha); and I find that nervousness has its perks as I think I worry away weight (not to my ideal weight but that is another story.) I love the word mortified, though not the state of mortification; I can find no good in humiliation though—mine or others—it is bad news all around. Discomfited is such a delicate way to be embarrassed—squirm worthy but not debilitating; ill at ease is admittedly easier to handle than easily ill; and disconcerted—well I am constantly puzzled by life, disconcertedly so.

I know that I am not really answering the question of “when was the last time I was embarrassed”? I would rather celebrate the times I was not embarrassed—the times when I successfully spoke more than one sentence without stumbling; the times when attention is placed on me and I am up to the challenge; the times when I have something stuck in my teeth and I slough it off in a que sera, sera kind of way; or pretend that a mortifying situation did not really happen at all.

I am going to stay comfortably disconcerted though, as along with its many meanings, it is also defined as confused. I think a state of confusion is like a state of wonder; a state of always being that little bit off balance; a state where magical things come to your rescue and logic plays no part.

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  1. The last time? It was so embarrassing that I’ve blocked it out.

  2. Because my concentration is not good …or my memory sometimes I second guess myself so much before opening my mouth or really having to pay attention…. Especially before entering a public washroom… I look several times at the sign indicating women’s or men’s…. after one time walking into the men’s by mistake …. “yes Diane that is definitely a skirt”….. Diane

    • I hate those places that have clever names for washrooms and there is not a skirt to be seen — stupidly confusing

  3. Funny post Lou….going to have to use discomfited more often….a good word to describe those ill at ease moments.

  4. I find myself a ‘little off balance’ most of the time.

  5. I live in a perpetual embarrassed state… With a bright red face to prove it.

    • a pretty blush which I am sure just makes you all the prettier

      • Ha. Goofier

      • goofy is good–I like to think of it as zesty

  6. There have probably been times in my past when I should have been embarassed, but was not! 😉

  7. I trip over in front of people so much my life is a little embarrassing 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. I did teach a class once with something stuck in my teeth. I was in grad school. My grad school colleagues noticed before, but didn’t tell me until after. Funny now, not then.

  9. I’ve learned to laugh at most of my embarrassments. I’ve found that if you just pretend not to make it a big deal or laugh it off as much as you can (me walking into a lamppost even without a cell phone in hand? totally hilarious!), it does diminish the embarrassment. Now I can even trip over my feet in public every other day and still smile radiantly to any strangers gazing at me sympathetically. No need to waste any sympathy on me people, let’s just accept me as a klutz and move on. 😉

  10. I think you speak for most of us, Lou. I confess to feeling discomfited more often, as I get older. It seems to come with the territory. 😦

  11. Yes, waiting for more of those magical things to come to my rescue!

    • the important things when you are waiting for magic to happen is not to hold your breath–magic has its own timetable

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