Stupid is as stupid does: or Super Bowl Sunday–rah, rah

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I do not understand football and I can probably be forgiven because, while my mind works in delightful ways, it does not compute sports strategy. In high school I liked to watch basketball but if I was passed the ball in gym class I became confused—there were so many options—dribble it somewhere, pass it to someone, try to get it in the basket, or, as I did quite often, stand there until someone shouted at me with instructions. Girls did not play football in gym. I tossed a football around a bit with my older brothers in our backyard (mostly I tried not to get hit in the head) but that was about it. I am familiar with the weirdly shaped ball, but not the true essence of the game that is named after it.

The sport baffles me—I understand when they throw the ball, and when they try to stop someone from advancing it to their goal post, but it seems like most of time it is a bunch of bodies piling on top of one another—I guess in an effort to stop the ball—but that usually seems beside the point. I watched the movie with Sandra Bullock and the adopted son who became a famous football player, and when the little brother explained strategy with mustard and other condiment bottles, I understood to a point, but when you replace the bottles with people, I am still somewhat ill at ease with the game—which seems a bit violent.  A game where head concussions are a regular achievement is not generally my cup of tea.

Today, in all my glorious ignorance, I am going to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. I got some wings—spicy and mild (for me), a chocolate cake with a football on it, and I am rooting for a local guy who plays on the bird team.  For anyone local, the guy’s name is Luke Wilson, and he is from LaSalle, Ontario, only about 35 minutes from where I live.

I have never watched a Super Bowl game in my life. I have been to Super Bowl parties and partaken in the wonderfully bad food, but I have stayed away from the huge television set usually in a place of pride in someone’s family room, and watched a movie on the smaller TV upstairs with those like-minded souls who accompanied their spouses to the party (I am not being sexist here—many a lady I know understands and likes football). I used to go to football games at university but hydrated on purple jesus (sounds so disrespectful now—but it was kind of like grape juice spiced with alcohol) it did not really matter what was going on in the field as long as we did not cheer when the other team scored.

Today I am looking forward to the commercials and half-time and the food. I always get these wonderful ideas thinking my family will follow suit and we will have a wonderfully close-knit bonding experience. These plans usually go awry—but I never give up. I usually find the unplanned times together work best, but I still give it the old college try (without the copious amounts of alcohol).

So, go bird team go. Perhaps I should find out the real names of the teams –what do you think?

(I used the Comic sans font so you would know this is supposed to be funny—did it work?)

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  1. Yup – it’s funny! Because you sound exactly like me! I just learned the names of the teams but may forget them by this afternoon’s Super Bowl. LOL! It’s so nice to find a blogging kindred spirit. 🙂

    • we most certainly are–now tell me the names of the teams quick before you forget–I cannot believe with all the coverage this has gotten that I do not know! Happy wings!

  2. I’m rooting for the horse team as they’re only an hour down the road from us. And wearing orange and blue and watching the game on the huge projector T.V. at my neighbor’s house. Should be fun!

    • there had better be good food!

      • Oh, there will be good food, LouAnn. This group of friends are all great cooks. I’m taking a pumpkin tiramisu with blue sprinkles (the horse team’s colors are blue and orange) 🙂

      • so colour co-ordinated–but I would not have expected any less from you

      • It’s in my genes!

    • btw- ha ha ha ha

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  4. Bird team LOL!! I don’t even know which teams are playing, nor do I care. I know I will upset people by saying this, but I always thought football was a stupid game where overgrown children just like to plow into each other and see how many bones they can break. The only good thing about football is the cute bums in the tight pants :).

    • I am glad you have the right perspective when it comes to football (I am referring to your last line)

      • Tee Hee – I know, I’m a bad girl :).

      • ha ha ha -glad to hear you are not just interested in chocolate–does Mikey know–he will put blinders on you

      • No, he won’t care. We have always had the motto that it’s ok to look, but if you touch you’re dead meat LOL!!

  5. Giggle Giggle ~ I just posted something similar ~ I bet there are more of us out there today! Have fun LouAnn! ♥

  6. I think it’s Denver Broncos….and the ‘other one’ duhhhh! Neither team is one that my sons were wanting to get in so even though the game will be on…. whoever is losing is the one I’ll be cheering for…(always for the underdog) Diane

    • I like that attitude Diane–just fill up on wings and other bad but good food

  7. I am very much like you. I love the commercials and half time but never really understood football. I had several explain it to me in University because going to the games was always a blast…but the rules never stuck. We don’t have cable but I am sure the Internet will allow me to watch the fun parts 😉 Purple Jesus – have not heard those two words in two decades! lol.

    • well I have not drank it since I was 21, but it did make football much more palatable

  8. I’m tuning in for the half time to see Bruno Mars….not so much for the football.

  9. My daughter and I will be enjoying the game in our living room, rooting for the bird team, while my sweet husband hides in the bedroom shaking his head at our folly. Oh well, takes all kinds. Enjoy your day, LouAnn! xoxoM

  10. I confess… I’m a football junkie. Every Sunday my bulbous butt parks it and watches.

    Go horse team go!!

    • someday we are going to have to have a little sit down and you can explain the game to me — I know you are just being kind to me by calling your team the horse team but I appreciate you coming down to my level

      • Horse team is just who I am cheering for today. My team lost. My real true love starts in two weeks. Spring Training!!
        I’d love to sit down with you LouAnn!

      • so what animal was your team?

      • A Patriot

      • not an animal at all – unless that is the name of a dog

      • Nope. New England patriots. Gotta stick with the home team 🙂

  11. I am not a football fan. I don’t understand it and like you, I grew up with basketball. But hubby is a fan. He’s eating ribs and I’ll watch the commercials and maybe read. Though I’ve seriously tried, really tried to get into it, I never had. It’s like modern-day Gladiators to me and it looks as if it really hurts when they pile on top of each other. Ugh. But I’m (hubby, is) for the Broncos because I like Peyton Manning.

  12. I’m with you on the whole football thing. It seems like all they do is land in piles of steriod-ed-up flesh only to get up and do it all over again. The other thing that baffles me is why-oh-why are the players blaming and suing the NFL for their concussions? Did they not notice that football is a violent sport designed to maim and injury?

    • it is hard to think straight when you have a concussion I guess–I am glad you are baffled too

      • All that being said, I will still have one eye on the game today.

  13. I’m going to a Super Bowl dinner at our club, but am like you, in that I don’t have a clue about the game. Thanks for not telling me who the contestants are. I also haven’t a clue. My biggest concern is what colour to wear , as I really want to support whoever wins. It’s going to be fun though, watching the ads and half time on the big screens, and I know the food will be amazing, so I’m going to make the most of it.

    • the food is the thing–as for colours–maybe wear layers

      • I opted for black and white, which is more or less what Seattle were wearing. I backed the right horse. 🙂

      • you mean you backed the right bird!

      • Oh, right! Silly me. Thought I was at a horse race. Can’t help being blonde sometimes. 😀

      • ha ha – I am going gray–what does that do?

  14. Well, I’ve been there too…going along for the ride and mostly interested in the social aspect of the big day. But today, Denver is playing, so I have to root for the home team of my old home town, and Seattle is playing, the home team of my daughter’s new home town. 🙂 Our son lives in Denver, so we’re having a little family rivalry! Just adds to the fun! Hope you enjoy the commercials, food, and good cheer! ~ Sheila

  15. Skip the game. It’s all about the snacks and the commercials.

  16. Ha – I so feel you on this!
    We have hosted a party at our house – fam only. But – that’s only when “our team” makes it. The best part is the family gathering, food & fun. As for the game…whatever… 😉

  17. The bird team versus the horse team. Laughing SO hard at that!

  18. Well my team got creamed in the game so I may have been at the table grazing instead of watching. And we don’t get the commercials here.

    • we have cable and Canadian rules will not let us watch them either–so I am getting to see them in dribs and drabs as people share them on the internet

  19. Comic sans does lighten a message. You have about the same view of football as I do. Instead of wings and chocolate cake it was guacamole, beans and rice and all that stuff. At least the commercials and Bruno Mars were entertaining. Mostly.

    • at least you got to watch the commercials–if you have cable you don’t get to see them in Canada

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