my momma told me there would be days like this–my momma said…..



blank page before me

a layer of blank white outside

blank brain sputters and hesitates

to spit out meaningful words,

grasping at clichés

reaching for metaphors ~

white flag flutters

no more reaching and grasping.

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  1. Sounds a bit like writer’s block! This too shall pass. 🙂

  2. a beautiful blanket of white is what I am seeing out my window. Sometimes white is a reprieve…

  3. Sometimes you just have to let it go…it will flow back to you I know that to my toes.

  4. Enjoy a day of rest. It will come back at full speed and knock you over. 🙂

  5. I give up….surrender to it, kinda feels good doesn’t it?

  6. I have been feeling your pain, Lou. It’ll get better. It always does and happens to the best of writers. Like you.

  7. Letting it go lets you have more energy later on 🙂


  8. That zen perfection of being in a clear and empty state is the worst feeling in the world for a writer – blank canvas, blank page, blank mind. A writer who is “one with nothing”, is a writer without words.
    Time to find a distraction!

  9. Your blank page created a very descriptive poem. Looks like it’s not as blank as you think,

  10. Sometimes you just have to make a tribute to writer’s block for it to pass. At least that’s what I’ve found works for me. 😉

    • what a great idea–give it its due then move on–you always have the best advice!

  11. Love this!

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