Winter of Discontent

  “Now is the winter of our discontent.” ~ William Shakespeare

            We have hit record snowfall totals for the month of January, and almost broken the low temperature records. Small comfort in this deep freeze we have been caught in, but maybe we need a change of attitude and should try to embrace this cold snap.

            Luckily I do not have a job that entails working out in this weather, and when I do have to venture out I bundle up in layer upon layer. But, I do love the cold weather when I am inside looking out, with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, a good book to read, and a warm throw over my legs. Unfortunately real life gets in the way and we cannot assume this position of comfort for long. Since we have no choice in the matter if we do not have a warm weather vacation in the offing we have to adjust as best we can.

            I found a few winter quotes—some inspiring, some hopeful, some funny, and others—well I think they were observed in a winter such as we are having now.  I like Robert Frost’s attitude, which lives up to his last name. He says: “You can’t get too much winter in the winter.” Now if I had said that people would have thought “duh”, or “yes you can”, but because it came from the pen of a great poet, we take note and ponder his wisdom.

            William Blake perhaps does not reflect how many of us feel but he does have a sunny way of looking at winter: “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” Okay Bill, I will enjoy this winter keeping in mind these words from Percy Shelley: “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Hope obviously sprang eternal in Shelley’s human breast, adhering to Alexander Pope’s words that “Man never is, but always to be blessed.”

            Comedian and actor Billy Connolly wryly says: “There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.” Being partially of Scottish origins, perhaps that is why I do not mind winter—I harken back to times in my ancestral home when I and Shirley MacLaine were living out one of our lives together there.  Hall of Famer, Bill Veeke also believes that there are only two seasons: baseball and winter.

            Dave Barry is clearly not a Canadian and his words bear this out: “The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in the winter.” Dave, Dave, Dave – where would the Olympics be without the winter sports?

            Andrew Wyeth is rather poetic in his assessment of winter. He says: “I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape. Something waits beneath it; the whole story doesn’t show”.

            And what would a column on quotes about winter be without a little input from that young sage, Taylor Swift who harmoniously states: “I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread and spruce.” I feel a song coming on……Another musician, Bob Seger is inspired in the winter—he says that he writes 80% of his stuff in the cold months. “Give me some of that old time rock ‘n roll….music that will soothe the soul…..”

            A few more quotes that need no embellishment but may just sway you into thinking winter is not so bad:

1. Tom Allen says: “While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best.”

2. “There are three reasons for becoming a writer: the first is that you need the money; the second that you have something to say that you think the world should know; the third is that you can’t think what to do with the long winter evenings.” ~Quentin Crisp

3. “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” ~ Pietro Aretino

4. “Winter is not a season, it is an occupation.” ~ Sinclair Lewis

            I will leave you with two final comments on winter. They sum up how we all feel at one time or another. Robert Byne believes that: “Winter is nature’s way of saying ‘Up yours’”, while Anton Chekhov makes this very valid point: “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”

            So enjoy, be happy, and don’t throw snowballs at me when you see me!


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  1. I wish you all well in this unprecedented weather! Hard to comprehend the extreme contrast while we have a heat wave. Hugs!

    • I think I hate heat waves more than cold cold weather–so do not feel too sorry for me! I find it easier to get warm than cool

  2. I don’t mind winter, that means it’s ski season. But without something to do outside, I think I would get cabin fever, LouAnn. And I suspect from reading Dave Barry’s quite, that’s probably the reason he lives in Miami!

  3. I love the fact you are trying to embrace the winter….I will try to take a page from your book. ( still wish I was somewhere soaking up some warm rays)

  4. Below zero this morning. I’m not crazy about winter, but at least I’m snug and warm.

  5. So many are experiencing record cold this winter, including Florida where we currently are. Note I am not complaining as so many are dealing with far worse than we are. BTW, do you know why you lost some readers as you had mentioned in a previous post? I have heard other friends say the same and this morning I have over 200 less subscribers than I did the previous day. Seems a bit odd, but I am like you LouAnn, it is not about the numbers for me, more about the connection I have made with many of you.

  6. Love the poetic words of Andrew Wyeth. Nice post! Hope you stay warm!!!

  7. Love the quotes! I’ve lived in a place or two that had the two seasons…June and winter. Or, put another way, “Summer was on a Tuesday this year!” Fun stuff! Hope you stay warm. We’re actually having a mild winter here in balmy SE Alaska (oh the joys of the rainforest…very wet, but generally temperate 40s and 50s!) ~ Sheila

  8. It’s the rare moments of hot cocoa, a book and a throw that make it all ok with me. Too rare though, because as soon as I sit down, Bogey grabs the blanket, Archie decides he wants to go out and Teddy does along to get along..

  9. I’m one of those wimpy West Coasters who have picky body temperatures and basically can’t abide anything below 65 but then complain about temperatures above 80. But in general, I can appreciate the cold more than the heat since you can at least bundle up to stay warm. I know you might feel differently about it but I still have to say I envy your snow. 😉

  10. I’m not minding the winter at all this year. I needed the respite, and am currently in my new favourite spot – sitting in the leather chair by the fire with a quilt in my lap, watching the snow and the birds at the feeder through the window. I have a book and a cup of tea waiting for me on the table beside me and the cat is keeping my feet warm on the stool. It’s a forced slowing down after the busy-ness of summer and fall.

    In a few more days we’ll see what the groundhog has to say about the rest of the winter.

  11. In the early morning As I sit in my car, which is frozen because we haven’t a garage, I channel your quote and scream ” up yours!!” I’ve had enough. Sigh…

  12. I love Chekhov’s way of thinking, the best. Reminds me of that song, “I’ve got my love to keep me warm.” 🙂

  13. I’m still in search of spring – LOL

  14. I am generally a really happy person, but I definitely notice winter. I endure it, but I will never embrace it. Bring on the summer heat!! That’s where my heart it. Good on you for being so positive though :).

  15. I’m a crazy person. I actually like winter and miss it. It doesn’t get that cold in London and it doesn’t snow much at all. None this winter. Three times last year and it was an inch or less. Have a cup of hot chocolate for me while watching it snow. Sounds lovely.

  16. I love winter… as long as I am snug and warm in my cozy little house! You have the right idea(s) and your quotes are delightful.

  17. I love how positive you are about winter 😀
    It is my favourite season, it is so warm and snuggly! And no pressure for a bikini body!


  18. Great quotes. . A colleague says that she embraces winter. I’m trying my hardest to also embrace winter, but I want spring!!

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