Glory Days

 Today’s prompt from Michelle at WordPress: “Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.”

This is a bit off the cuff but I took up the challenge and this is what I came up with in 15 minutes:

            If she was dead, why was she in this classroom listening to a professor drone on about the linguistic beauty of the workaday language of English? She had often been told when she was alive that when you went to hell you were trapped in the circumstance you hated most on earth. And the circumstance she hated most on earth was being bored. And doing paperwork. She was bored but at least the paperwork, which had been her nemesis when she was alive was not present—so maybe, just maybe she was not in hell. The prof wore a belt with a peace sign buckle. He had wild gray hair and a suede vest—why was she back in linguistics class at university listening to Dr. Ivy? And why was she in her least favourite class?

            Cecelia had crashed into the back of a semi that jack-knifed on a foggy day in September, 2010. Even if she had seen it, there was no way to avoid the massive truck. She was returning from an unsuccessful business trip to Toronto and was eager to get back to home and hearth. The midday sun had been bright, the radio loud, and the trip slowly becoming a memory until she reached Cambridge. A grey curtain of heavy fog descended on the 401. It was not just a haze—she was caught in clouds of billowy pewter. She was disoriented—but she continued on in her quest to get home.  She knew that she should pull off the road but she did not know what she would be pulling  into.

            Then she was no longer in the car. She had been escorted to a ledge where she was allowed to see through the fog to the chaos below. Her body was slumped over the steering wheel………..

            In this tale of death come to life, Cecelia gets to relive what she often thought of as the best part of her life—her days at university. But relived again with the wisdom of decades behind her, would those days turn out to be the great time she remembered, or was the life that had been taken away from her not so bad after all.

            In this novel of second chances, the main character gets a chance to do what many of us dream of doing—returning to our glory days. Was she reincarnated? Was it a miracle? Was it all a dream? Or was she really dead?

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  1. Very intriguing. Definitely compelling enough to want someone to read the book. …. just a side note… I live about 15 min from Cambridge… lol…. Diane

    • I am not picking on Cambridge–do you remember the awful accident a few years ago on 401 near Windsor

      • I never thought you were picking on it…. I thought it only a coincidence… I do vaguely remember (you know my memory) My husband remembers a multi car accident …He also remembers one on the 402 where there was a bad one and a guy left his car and died trying to walk to get help… Diane

    • Hey we must be neighbours! Although I am about 20 minutes from Cambridge! Apparently the South-Western Ontario fan-club is here 🙂

      • Ever heard of ‘Puslinch’….. ?? Anyway we’re pretty close!…. Small world… Diane

      • I’ve been to Puslinch! Nice weather we are having 🙂

      • Sure is…. my husband is out doing a bit of shoveling now… Diane

      • My backdoor does not open today because of the way the snow drifted up against the outside wall! I will have to do some fence climbing to take care of that when the wind and snow decide to have a rest!

      • We had to go out today as our cat needed a follow-up check… roads are not good as you can imagine but we went slow and are home again…Still snowing!! Diane

      • I am more south than all of you–we brag that our town is the southeren most point in Canada–you would never know it with the weather we are having

  2. Well done, I want to

    • I will give it a try–for the life of me cannot remember my linguistics prof’s name

  3. I’d read it.


  4. When are you writing this? I want to find out what happens.

  5. I need to get this novel ASAP! 😀

  6. So Luann, when does this book go to press? I want you to sign my copy when it’s out. 🙂

    • I am getting enough feedback that I think maybe I should be getting busy–should I ever get published you will be on my list for a signed copy–thanks for the encouragement Beth!

  7. I would buy this in a heartbeat!!!

  8. You definitely have made me intrigued, I would love to read it!


  9. Oh – this sounds like it would be quite the story. I can see this be made into a made-for tv movie or mini-series too!

  10. I just can’t wait to read the book now I’ve read the cover blurb… more….

  11. +1 on the “when is this book coming out” comments. Even if I didn’t know you were the one writing it, I’d still at least flip through the book after reading the blurb so you know you’re doing something right. 😉

  12. I agree with everyone else – I need to read this book!! You, LouAnn, are a natural writer. Now, get to work on it ok?

  13. Please find the attached Like in appreciation of your post and sterling efforts to be as loony as Cindy at the loonybin. A difficult task but somebody has to do it. For recovery purposes I recommend a chocolate bath. 🙂

  14. Okay, you gonna go for it? Great opening line.

    • Yes–I am making the commitment–although I do think I should be committed

  15. When do you start writing?!! 😉

    • with all this encouragement–NOW!

      • 🙂

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