No “Woe Is Me”


I have lost a lot of my readership but what I have left are those who are closest and dearest and mean the most. Some bloggers have gone by the wayside, some are on sabbatical, some are tired, a few are dealing with events beyond their control, some are ill, others have dropped me as I am no longer a faithful reader of their blog, and a few have returned full of vim and vigour. Such is the cyclical nature of the blog world. I am a small fish in a big world, but I am a happy small fish—and grateful for the true friendships I have made in this my alternate but very important world.

We often hear of the “next dimension”. I believe that bloggers who form friendships through their blog posts are members of this dimension. We form a community, and by careful weeding and nurturing, the community we form is one of our own creation. My blog world consists of those who are not too critical (a little critical is okay), warm and loving and supportive.  Many of us share deep bonds that are not so fragile that they can be broken by a little time away.

I also have some friends and family who follow me and do not have blogs—and I want to thank you along with my blogging friends. Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read my postings.

I guess this is a Thank You Blog – I would never have imagined that a world that is at my fingertips would be so fulfilling. I have friends from all over the world that I would never have met without this. And one more time—I would like to thank my niece Chay who inspired me to blog—and even set me up on WordPress, lo those three or so years ago. And my sister Peg who has been with me since the beginning, and my brother John who I know reads me even if he does not comment much, and Krista …..okay this is not an Oscar speech so I cannot possibly thank all of you by name—but you know who you are.

Has your blog audience changed?

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  1. I think it’s natural for the blog audience to change – in the same way that we change the ones that we visit and comment on. I go through phases where I’m very active and visit and comment a lot on others blogs, and other times where I barely do, depending on what I have going on. I notice some people who might comment on my blog regularly for a while and then disappear, and maybe come back occasionally, or come back regularly again, or not at all! It’s just the way it goes. It’s a fluid environment, as human relationships tend to be overall.

    • I go through those phases too–I really try to keep up with my favourite bloggers but it is not always possible–but I make sure to check in as often as I can–especially on my favourite entertainer who I draw on for my New Year’s Eve parties–and she never disappoints!

  2. I think that as our blogs evolve, so does our readership which is natural. Just know that we are all still here and giddy when we see in our emails that you’ve posted. We all read when we can, visit when we are able and send lots of hugs to you! ♥

    • I like how you summed it up–read when we can, visit when we are able, and I got your hugs. I know it is impossible to read everyone every day, but I love the community that has been built up–and you are an integral part of my community

      • I am honored to be a part of your community. ♥ So happy we’ve connected.

  3. I’m saddened to see some bloggers I follow go by the wayside, since their great content is why I love looking at their blogs. But I also recognize that blogging requires effort and some people’s lives are just too full with other events going on.

    But at least with blogging, somebody can always return and after a while, it’s as if he/she never left. That’s how it feels, anyway.

    • I know–we have both welcomed Robin back into the fold–I used to post everyday but sometimes I just cannot but I love my community–of which you are one!

  4. I may not comment very often, but try to keep up with your posts. Everything changes. I am notified through my ‘dashboard’ when you have posted, instead of by email

    • I consider you one of my faithfuls, and it is good to know you read me–sometimes I have no comment when I read but enjoy the post all the same

  5. Hey, thank you for blogging….keeps us close even though we live miles apart.

    • It is another way to connect to my most faithful follower and the best sister ever!

    • This is the way I feel too!

  6. I’m still here! Though going through a rough patch with a broken sense of humor so have not been blogging myself. Back to the therapist I go! But I’m still reading. PS: I find a lot of people still read, they just do not comment, as they are jealous of what we’ve accomplished!

    • You are part of my core group and I love reading your posts and your book–though it is full of some great trials is still a hoot–how do you do that–am going to write a review of it soon–just love it. Hope you get over the rough patch–I have been known to hit a few of those (of which you have helped me out of)

  7. Like you, although my followers are listed over 450… only a small group continues to read and follow. I’m sure many that click the follow button do so for various reasons but I also feel it is easy to ‘unfollow’ by clicking as well. I don’t really follow a ‘theme’ in my postings and so I believe that people choose what they want to read or not…. and maybe I chase a few away permanently… I need to fall back on the reason I started blogging … it was to write what I’m feeling and not to just get more traffic………….. Diane

    • I no longer care about the statistics as I have a lovely community I enjoy
      I too do not follow a theme–although at times I have–but the theme (bliss) was very wide
      The thing I would like you to do some day is take the wannabe out of your name–you are a writer–true and gifted!

      • That is such a kind thing to say… caught me a bit off-guard. Maybe it’s because I still have some insecurities lurking… but thanks for making my day!…Diane

  8. Mine has changed as well, LouAnn. People come and go and there are quite a few blogging friends whose blogs have gone dormant. Such a shame as they are always missed.

    I’m surprised your audience has dropped off though as your posts are rather versatile and can appeal to a number of people, unlike history. :/

    • There are a lot of history junkies (myself and my husband being two)–I am not really that sad at the change–as the group that has now formed around my blog is a wonderful one–kind of hand picked–I am glad you are one

  9. There have been several things about blogging that have surprised me. I’ve been doing it on and off for several years, but only got serious about the community aspect of it about a year ago. When I first started out I just looked at it as a way to focus on what I had to say, assuming a few friends and family might want to read it. I didn’t read blogs, so i wasn’t thinking about being a reader as well.

    One thing I’ve found is that I get more appreciation from people who don’t know me- from others who genuinely enjoying reading blogs. I’ve also found that when you seek out “small” bloggers, they will come and go. Quickly. It took me a while to get over that, because it does take time to find new blogs and there is a big turnover among smaller bloggers. Or people only post rarely, and since I blog regularly I prefer people who do it fairly often.

    But I adore the community aspect of it. It has been such a pleasant surprise.

    • I am with you–I love the community aspect–and I often tell others about my favourite blogs–I told my niece about yours and she just loves it
      I love for things to remain the same–but after a while I get used to change and this change is a good one

  10. I learned how to blog in a training for a non-profit where I volunteer. I started to blog for me, not even considering others would read it. I would love to read more blogs and occasionally I wander around and do that, but as you said, there is only so much time in the day, and we all have other obligations. I have a handful of faithful followers though my home page says I am followed by almost 600. Who are these people? I have no idea. I just follow my favorites and some of them follow me.
    You are one of those. Thank YOU for blogging and following and commenting and encouraging. That’s what its all about.

    • I love your blog–so much of what you remember I remember too–you remain one of my favourites and I will always be there, or at least as long as I am blogging
      I like to read new blogs too–but I am kind of stuck on the friends I have already made–and cannot get to all of them frequently enough

      • I agree…. hard to find time to read all of my favorites, let alone look for new ones! Stay warm and keep blogging!

  11. You’ve summed up my thoughts about the blogging world perfectly. It’s taken some time to understand and accept the cycle of blogging but like you said, some people come and go while the ones who really matter stay and form connections with you. I stopped looking or caring at the numbers a long time ago since it means nothing about who is really taking the time to read and interact. Like you, I take up a very small corner of the blogosphere but I’m happy with what I have and who I’ve connected with.
    I’ve found that quite a number of people either get disenchanted by blogging or else find other things to occupy their time with. Although I don’t blog nearly as often as I used to, I still follow along with the people who I’ve come to know and cherish as my blogging friends (such as yourself!). The community aspect was just a bonus among all the benefits I’ve gained from blogging.

    • I too cherish our friendship–and have followed you in your travels–you have a wisdom far beyond your years yet your young spirit comes out too
      You are always interesting and you write the best comments–always thoughtful–I am glad you are part of my world

  12. Very interesting thoughts followed by all the comments that kind of echo my thoughts too. I have some loyal followers and I am a loyal, if sometimes infrequent, follower. Life just gets so busy for us all from time to time – or if not busy then difficult in one way or another.
    Like your other commenters, I just love the community and the ‘friends’ I’ve made through blogging. We may never meet but become fond of each other nevertheless.
    All the very best to you Lou Ann, one of my first followers and we’re still together nearly 3 years later!
    The Blogging Sisterhood rules okay! 🙂

    • I do not remember how I stumbled on you but you have really made my life larger in the way that you find wonderful things to share each and every day–and in the course of that we get to know you–I notice that you are a faithful visitor and I love it–
      You are one busy lady and I have no idea how you keep everything all together–but I am happy you are my good friend

  13. I too enjoy the community aspect of blogging though it isn’t something I thought about when I first started six years ago. My blog was initially meant to share my year in Japan with friends and family but over the years it has grown to include many followers that I’ve never met. Like yours, some follow for awhile then disappear again but I have made a few good friends along the way and I’m presently making plans to meet one of them face to face for the first time! I’m always saddened when a blog I enjoy following becomes dormant. On the other hand, the very first blog that I followed, long before I ever thought of blogging myself, has just been revived after more than a year of silence so you never know!

    • I did not even know about the community aspect of blogging–I started initially because I wanted to be discovered–well I have been discovered by a lot of lovely people (you being one) and my world has expanded beautifully

  14. I’ve been fortunate to have a core group that has traveled with me on this blogging journey..The numbers of followers I think is deceptive, for I doubt that many people really ‘follow’ me. But the ones that I look forward to hearing from are my friends – cyber and otherwise.

    • Me too – you are part of my core group and I look forward to hearing from you as we seem to have so much in common (except for horses, though I do understand the passion) – Mimi thank you for being there for me

      • We have been there for each other for a while now – and I can honestly say that I am the better for you being in my life – cyber or otherwise.

      • I feel the exact same way Mimi–and if we were not bloggers we would never have met–

  15. It is an amazing world -the blogging community. My audience has changed too. Like the ‘real’ world, life fluctuates and it’s okay.

    • yes, it is okay–I lost you for a while but happily found you again

      • I have wondered if there were some WP glitches going on over the last few months in addition to everyone’s holiday chaos. 2 email subscribers told me they don’t get notifications of new posts anymore… Ah well… Glad to have you back in the loop! 🙂

  16. Mmmm I’m more selective in my reading. You are part of my daily routine .. There is comfort in that bond. My followers must be drunk, drugged or insane…. Or a combo of all three ‘ cause they keep reading my silliness.
    Nice letter of gratitude LouAnn. A prime example of why I keep coming back.

    • Drunk, drugged or insane–I am happy to be part of this group–
      I love your observations and I love having you as a friend whom I look forward to talking to almost every day —

  17. You are very welcome, and thank you for the same reasons :).

  18. I have over 600 “Followers.” But – I would say that only a good 30 that visit often. And – that’s ok. I’m happy with that. I’m happy that anyone finds my blog-home worthy of a visit. I surely can’t visit everyone all the time. But – I try to between family, friends, work & my posts.

    • You are always creative and upbeat and I love looking in on your life through the various ways you share it my friend!

      • Awww…Thanks Lou Ann.
        🙂 Happy Friday – Happy Weekend 🙂

  19. The blogging world is strange and wonderful and unpredictable – I love what you say in this post because it echoes what so much of us feel. The ‘follower’ thing mystifies me and seems somewhat false – ie there is no way 800ish people read my posts! There is, however, a small group with whom I feel a real friendship has developed and I am happy to be a small fish. I hope you see me as one of your real friends!

    • You are not only one of my real friends but one of my first–Julie I love how you share, the good the bad and the ugly–you have expanded my world and made me more brave

      • Ditto!

  20. Blogging relations are very hard to establish I find, because of reality getting in the way of all the writers, but those who try to maintain readership and communication are the ones to treasure – you have a beautiful attitude 🙂
    And I am very happy to count you as a real friend to me!


    • I am happy to have you as a friend–in other circumstances we would not have been able to share with each other–I love your passion, your baking, and your outlook!

  21. I find that my readers come and go too. People that we gung ho about blogging eventually fall off and others lose interest as the blog changes and becomes something else. I’ve found that the people that read the most are my friends and family – and they just read, but never comment. I know they are reading, because they always seem to know what we’ve been up to! Fortunately, having grown up in a small town, I’m used to everybody knowing what we are doing. 🙂

    I have met some great people along the way and have started up a couple of email correspondences. And thank you for your email – it’s always a pick me up to hear from you. I did reply, but I often think my replies go straight to people’s junkmail box.

    • no way does your stuff go into the junkmail–you have a place of high respect in my email–you are one of the first bloggers I found and you provided me with the inspiration to share even the small things–because it is those things that all important to all of us–I love the slice of life you provide–and I love our friendship

  22. As I have added to the blogs I follow, I find less time for visiting everyone’s or I might not get anything else done in a day. It is a difficult balance but I agree with you LouAnn, this blogging experience is very enriching. I may not visit as often as I did, but I do so enjoy the time I spend here. Great post! 🙂

    • I know what you mean about finding balance–I do not really think I will ever find it–but I am glad I found you

      • Ditto! 🙂

  23. Oh my~~my blog readership has continually evolved over the past five years. Some of the beginning readers still read; others have dropped by the wayside for whatever reason. It used to hurt me terribly when people quit reading; now, I tend to bless them and soften my heart.

    As you might know, every weekend I go read the blogs of my commenters. It’s not a perfect system–simply a way to say thank you and see what friends are doing. Because there are so many commenters, I rarely get to read blogs of others who don’t drop by and comment. That’s sad, but there are only so many hours in a week.

    Your blog is a beautiful expression of you and hopefully you will continue with such a good attitude to share with those who find their way here. To feel peace in doing what your heart desires.

  24. I love your blog, and while I don’t always comment I read almost every post. I’m coming up on two years blogging and I have found the same thing you mention here. People come and go. Some stop blogging, or just don’t come to visit anymore and new faces appear. It’s kind of a metaphor for life.

    I too find that I have slowed down both on posting and reading. After the first year, I decided I was spending way too much time in front of the computer! But I still enjoy it and plan on continuing, just working on creating more balance in my life. Great post, LouAnn.

  25. Life changes every day and so our interests. And some days it is hard to balance everything that needs done let alone our interests. I know I have not seen “regulars” in a while but I hope that they will be back. I like getting email notifications because when it gets to hectic I can always follow up a few days later – my inbox maybe perpetually full but that is ok, I know my friends who are only a key stroke away. 😉

  26. Glad to be a part of this community.

  27. Love the thank you note, LouAnn. Yes, my readership does change, and you win some, you lose some. It is hard to keep up with everyone I would like to, but I do try. 🙂

  28. Hmmm…well, judging from the comments, your blog seems alive and well! I am in and out of the blogging world, both as a reader and a writer. I go for days and even weeks at a time without tuning in…mostly due to work or travel…but I enjoy reconnecting. Like you, I’ve found a community of digital friends that I don’t want to lose. I try to stay connected even with the gaps in participation…it has become an important piece of my life. Thanks for the part you play. I always enjoy catching up on your posts! ~ Sheila

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