Fear of Flooding

This haiku is inspired by the fact that we have received record breaking cold temperatures of late and copious amounts of snow which will be let loose by warmer temperatures this weekend:

No human hand can

Place in abeyance nature

There is no mercy

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  1. So true….you can’t control mother nature….you said it with such flare.

  2. So very true- our area of Colorado experienced devastating floods a few months ago, and I am humbled by the power of nature. We were safe and fine (which I’m grateful for); but it was quite an experience being so close to a natural disaster. I pray for safety for you!

  3. …but maybe if we got Mother Nature her meds….. 🙂

  4. I’m thinking a combo of wine, chocolate, and valium :).

  5. Stay warm and safe! 🙂

    • just what we need–a thaw with all this snow–oh well, the keeping warm part should not be too hard

  6. Oh no! Stay safe! We have floods pretty often where I live and it’s always scary to see how powerful all of that extra water can get!

  7. How true and apropos…. and recent first-hand knowledge.. You are doing so well at haiku…. Diane

  8. Some things are simply out of our control.
    Stay warm & stay safe.

  9. I hope it thaws gently over time, LouAnn. We here in Colorado certainly have first-hand experience of what you write about here… Great haiku.

  10. You have said it so clearly – that nature can be so cruel sometimes and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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