Frightening Cold


Icicles frozen

Mid-drip; mid-winter stretches

Hostile tentacles.

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  1. I’ve seen all that COLD weather you guys are having, Lou. Stay in, stay warm, light a fire and watch a good movie.

  2. hostile tenacles for sure!

    • you know whereof you speak coming from another cold weather place

      • Yes, I know of what I speak through my chattering teeth!

  3. Watch out for the hostile tentacles!

  4. Those deadly things surrounded our house, until yesterday with a warmer respite from the chill that had set in. I was looking at the Windsor Star on line, and it reminds me of what our recent weather has been like. Perhaps it snowed like that when I was a kid, but I sure don/t remember it.

    • I remember it we had quite the winters when I was little–then it all seemed to calm down for years

  5. Wicked weather….so unusual for your neck of the woods….you captured the weather perfectly in your poem.

  6. Nice! Hostile is a great adjective for what is happening here, too.

  7. Perfect words to describe the early anger of nature.

  8. I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud at “hostile tentacles”. So unexpected! About froze walking to the mailbox earlier.

  9. Brrr…

    Have you felt any frost quakes?

  10. Misery.,,,,

  11. It is scary to read about the weather over there – thinking of you all!

    • thanks Julie–my husband is letting is man brain take over today and is driving into work–about 30 miles from here or 50 km–we are having record breaking cold temps and wind chills and blowing snow–he is an intelligent man but is letting his man brain take over

  12. I feel for you. It is 60 degrees here today. Not to rub it in or anything.

  13. It has been a real lovely winter so far – full of sparkling crystal 🙂

    • care to share the drugs you are on? just joking–good to hear a positiver perspective

      • I like to add a positive spin now and then to remind people of the cold beauty. I’d rather have spring now 🙂

  14. Oh, this made me shiver. Brrr!!

  15. Ha, I love it -hostile tentacles!

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