Cold by any other name is Cold!


Icycles (Photo credit: patricia_schaffer)

Outrageously cold

Bloody freaking freezing cold

A cold of many faces

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  1. Let’s get on the next flight to a hot sunny beach yet ok? How fast can you be ready??

    • give me 5 minutes

      • Just came out of the casino and our bottles of pop sitting in the front seat are frozen solid. Hot chocolate from Timmies stat!!! That beach is sounding better and better :).

      • I think you are more used to cold weather than I am down in the SunPalour–it is just too cold and getting colder!

  2. “Bloody Freaking Freezing Cold” – I couldn’t have said it better myself, and I’ve been saying quite alot about it this morning.

    • I do not mind the cold–but I do not like bloody freaking freezing cold–glad we are on the same page-ha ha

  3. Well said…

  4. I hear you! On Sunday it will be -26c here!

  5. Just reading this made me cold…

  6. Really cold here in Ottawa, bloody freaking cold! However, it’s worse in Winnipeg.

  7. Ffffffffffo’ real!
    Kid’s had a snow day. So- my first day back at work turned out to be a work from home day. YAY!

  8. I always judge the cold by how many layers I need and can actually wear and move around in at the same time 🙂

  9. Bloody freaking freezing YES!! Ugh

    • and it is getting colder!

      • Ffffaaaafrrrrreeeeezing

      • moreso today than yesterday–if that is possible!

      • Here today as well. Tomorrow will be awful. Record lows. We need to go someplace warm LouAnn.

      • okay, I am a-packin’ (I am Canadian so that does not mean gun)

      • I’m pack in’ — I’m an American and I’m not packing a gun. I’m not on that wagon train.

        See you on the beach 🙂

      • I think I was inadvertently rude and did not mean to be–they don’t let us have guns very freely up here

      • Haa oh stop. I knew what you meant. My skin is thicker than that. We Americans can be dumb Arses

      • so can we Canadians

  10. You are making my teeth chatter! 🙂

  11. No thank you. This is the time of year when I say … there are only three things I like about living in Florida … January, February and March. Stay warm.

  12. “Cold, the final frost-zone. These are the sub-zero temperatures of the nation of Canada. Her five-month long winters to freeze, create strange frost patterns, to bitterly sleet, snow,chill out and ice all human socialization, to coldly go where no-one has shivered before.”
    Ice Trek: The Frozen Country…

    • that is okay for the rest of Canada, but we brag that we live in the Sun Parlour and our bragging rights are going north of late

  13. Meanwhile, here in the Antipodes, we’re expecting 41C today – about 105 in Fahrenheit – wish we could share a bit of each other’s weather and balance things out!! I’ll read your poem again, focus on the image, and imagine the coooolll

    • hope it helps cool you off–we both need more temperate weather don’t we?

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