2nd Annual Blog New Year’s Eve Party




Or in the immortal words of my drunken friends from my university days: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time!” This was the usual battle cry after at least five beers and two tequila shots. Of course, I was just an observer, but when the call was shouted out, one had to hold the beer they had in their hand high in the air and hop up and down to indicate enthusiasm.

Time is ticking, and tomorrow is the beginning of the big Blog New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day party.

Take That and Party

Take That and Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It begins whenever you want to post and ends at midnight New Year’s Day. I have added a new twist if you should deign to participate:  When making your resolution that you will not keep, write it in haiku form (3 lines, 5 syllables the first line; 7 the second; and 5 the third line—or any facsimile thereof).

We will have entertainment, champagne and ice wine at midnight, and whatever else you want to throw into the mix. Unfortunately this year my co-host from last year, Robin Coyle will not be co-hosting, but I have sent her a special invitation so I am hoping she will show up and dance on the table again. Vanessa is putting together a wonderful song with Neil again—which is reason enough to attend. Anyone else who would like to be featured is welcome.

Your comments, music, videos, and haikus are what will make the party sparkle—so come one and come all!

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  1. We’ve organised a last minute trip away, well I say organised, our mates on the south coast called me yesterday and said come down, bring beer, and the kids and dog. That’s as far as the organising has gone but I’m having his people speak to my people but it may mean that I’ll be at least partially absent from this year’s celebrations.

    • Try to come–cannot imagine the party without you–but in case you cannot make it–Happy New Year and have fun!

      • I’ll do my best, they’re pretty rural and Internet access is patchy and unreliable at best.

  2. Just an observer? Or a very good actress?
    I have pictures…….

    Sent from my iPad

    • Jane, Jane, you are giving me away–blackmail now is it? lol–would love to see the pics-

  3. Looking forward to it! Just warming up my voice – La la la la la la la laaaaaaa!!!!

  4. Haiku? Really? Oh LouAnn, now I really have to think… 😉

    • just a suggestion–don’t want you thinking on New Years Eve!

      • Laughing… I have a hard enough time thinking the other 364 days of the year!

      • me too–actually I overthink which is just as bad

  5. We’ll drink a toast to our absent friend Robin since she can’t be with us!

    • Sounds like a good plan! We may toast her twice…

      • Just to be on the safe side, yes…

      • ha ha – I Love that you are always up for things–

      • Lets hope she shows up 🙂

      • if not we will toast her again and I will get my clogging shoes on and dance on the table instead

      • Clogging shoes?? Eh?

      • ha ha ha

      • I need a picture or an action shot.. come on

      • how about tap shoes

      • clogging shoes sound more interesting.. Like giant wooden blocks on your feet

      • had to use mine in the fireplace–it is cold here today

      • haaaa…. here too. I have to go out. too. Blahh damn teenagers

      • I had a whole day to myself today–it was amazing but I am starting to miss the crew–they will be back soon and I hope they are in a better mood than when they left

  6. I hope to attend your PAR-tay, Lou. Sounds like a ga-roovy time. Happy New Year!!

    • It would not be a par-tay with you–grooving on a Tuesday afternoon……

  7. Haiku??? About a resolution that I’m NOT keeping! Yikes! I have to start thinking now ~ it will take me a whole day to figure out a haiku let alone what I won’t keep…but I will…you always make me smile LouAnn! Thank you! xoxo I’ll pop over tomorrow when I can! ♥

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  9. Me? Miss one of your parties? Never, no way, no how. But I see that you and Madame Weebles have already started drinking. I have some catching up to do! Pour me a double.

    Miss you, LouAnn, as well as all my other blogging friends. Happy New Year!

    • So glad you came–I won’t even make you dance on the table I am so happy! We have all missed you–I am just about to open some more bubbly–shall we toast?

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