Farewell Bend

Farewell Bend (Photo credit: Katherine H)

  “Just as there is no small hello, there is no small goodbye. Every goodbye holds the seed of a new and fruitful greeting….A goodbye is a meaningful and vital ritual.” – Donald Altman, Author of “one minute mindfulness”

As I prepare to say goodbye to 2013 in a couple of days, I mourn the passing of another year, but celebrate the *verity that I get a brand new one to try on. Every year is a roller coaster ride—sometimes the downs give the ups a run for their money—but that just tests our **mettle I guess. Sometimes my mettle is steadfast, sometimes it bends, and sometimes it breaks. I am looking forward to a little less mettle testing in 2014.

Read my horoscope today in the National Post and apparently I am going to be a force to contend with except in March, April and May of 2014—so watch out world. I am not a big believer in horoscopes, but neither do I ignore them. I read the horoscopes for myself and my husband and sons, and there were some pretty big coincidences in them that make me wonder if there is something to it. I never discount the magical or the mystical.

So, as I say goodbye to 2013, I remember the good moments, the lovely times, the surprises, as well as the challenges and losses. Some of challenges will follow me into 2014—I cannot just close the book on them,  but a new year presents new hope and it is that hope that will sustain me.

What are you glad to be leaving behind, what do you remember fondly, and what are you looking forward to in 2014?

*truth, fact, reality

**strength of spirit

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  1. I was a wee bit alarmed when I saw the title of this post, LouAnn, because I thought maybe you were saying goodbye to blogging. I’m relieved to see that this isn’t the case!

    “I am going to be a force to contend with except in March, April and May of 2014” — that was funny.

    2013 wasn’t terrible for me, but it wasn’t great either. It was a fairly average year overall, which is probably a good thing. I hope for better things in 2014, though, so I can look back a year from now and say “Now THIS was a good year.”

    Happy New Year to you and yours, LouAnn.

    • I am like you, I want to look back on 2014 and be able to say it was a good year too–parts of 2013 were good–but parts of it I could have done without
      I am sorry to have alarmed you–but I am here to stay because of people like you – Happy New Year’s and make sure you come to my party Tuesday night–it would not be the same without you!

  2. Mmmm 2013 was a good year for personal growth for me. Over all a fly by year.. Lots of changes. I’m not sure about 2014. I’d settle for quiet and smooth with lots of napping. ( smile)

    • I like your 2014–sometimes personal growth is great but at what expense?

      • My expense— I’m tired and I want to be nestle back into my comfort zone. Change is over rated.

      • a girl after my own heart! (((hugs)))

  3. I would suppose that you know how 2013 was for me…. I kinda put most of it ‘out there’ and while some of it ‘carries over’ I have hope and optimism that 2014 will be better for you and me …. Diane

    • I hope what started Christmas Day will continue into 2014–here is hoping the best for both of us

  4. There’s nothing I can think of that I am glad to say goodbye to. I look forward to continuing my path in 2014 with some hard work! Happy New Year to you!

  5. I am ready to move onto 2014 with pleasantness I’ve yet to find in 2013 so I hope that 2014 brings you a year filled with wishes fulfilled as well. May the lessons from 2013 only enhance the coming year with blessings. I am so happy we’ve connected. I loved this post xo

    • you said it perfectly–and I am glad we have connected too–onward and upward and forward for both of us!

  6. Now that I know that you’re not going anywhere in 2014, I can move forward with a larger smile on my face. Can’t respond more fully yet, for these are things that I am thinking about myself right now.

    • we have some time to mull things over–one thing I am glad of is our burgeoning friendship – thank you

      • As am I LouAnn – so grateful and beyond thrilled.

      • 🙂

  7. Happy & thankful for most of 2013.
    I’m happy to say goodbye to all of the moments that hurt my feelings or got me upset…Don’t let the door kick you in the…
    Wish I could leave my bills behind too – oh well…

    • if you have a way to leave those dastardly bills behind, let me know– as for the other stuff–2014 is a new start–let us leave as much of that stuff behind as possible and remember your dad’s reaction to your gift!

  8. You were already a force to contend with in 2013. 2014 will just be a continuation of the momentum.

    • I hope you are right David–looking forward to more of your wonderful posts!

  9. For a moment I thought you were leaving the blogosphere!

    2013 was a difficult year, though the final few months were definitely a lot better. What do I look forward to in 2014? Getting married. 😉 I think that’s a pretty big thing on its own!

    • That is a huge thing–so things are looking up for 2014! Drop by on New Year’s Eve–I am having a blog party.

      • I will try my best! =D

  10. Happy to leave behind the world catastrophes of 2013 but the aftermath will find us in 2014. On a lighter note, I’d like to leave behind a few pounds! Looking forward to a more fit me in 2014.

    • from your pics you already look fit–yes 2013 was quite a year–I am glad to leave it behind–though it did have some high points

  11. When I saw your title and the introductory quote, I thought exactly as Madame Weebles did… that you were saying farewell to blogging! I’m sooo glad you weren’t! Happy New Year!

  12. I can’t wait for 2014 because 2013 and I are not fond of each other!

  13. 2013 was a mixed bag really. I finally published, which was exciting, but then we had many difficulties that we had to overcome. I’m hoping 2014 is a boring year. I need some boring.

    Happy New Year!

  14. […] Farewell (onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com) […]

  15. 2013 was the year of the snake — a challenging year for many people. This year is year of the horse–energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. Things are looking up! Happy New Year!

  16. A wonderful farewell to 2013! It was a strange year for sure. But now I am truly looking forward to 2014 with optimism and a smile. No reason – just a hunch or the magical and the mystical are sending me good feelings looking forward. Must find my horoscope quickly. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and yours! ~Dor

    • ah, the magical and mystical and optimism–a very strong trio–hope your horoscope brings you good news–happy new year–and check out my party on the blog today!

  17. I’m kinda hoping that things will just carry on as normal. I don’t need any big shocks or surprises. Happy New Year to you, LouAnn. 🙂

    • shocks are generally not good–Happy New Year to you too–drop by my blog party if you have time

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