Christmas spirit is………….

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” ~ Edna Ferber

Christmas is a feeling—one so strong you can reach out and touch it, savour it, respond to it. When we talk about Christmas spirit, I imagine a diaphanous spectre with gossamer wings, but in truth:

Detail of original engraving "The Hours&q...

 gossamer wings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spirit of Christmas

Cloaks our soul in warmth and love

Safely swaddling us ~

What do you think Christmas spirit is?

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  1. The cheeky answer would be Madeira wine. My lovely dad used to say, “A Madeira, m’dear?” and only at Christmas would that particular drink come out but as I type I can ‘hear’ him saying that – so thank you. It means family and memories 🙂

    • I love your cheeky answer which didn’t turn out to be cheeky at all but a wonderful memory

  2. Christmas is to me ‘love’ in the purest form… That may sound a bit innocuous…. but Jesus personifies love… and people tend to show love to their fellow man more at Christmas …. Diane

  3. Christmas – a time to draw even nearer to my lovely Jesus. My truest love.

  4. A simple answer….the spirit of Christmas is giving. Not to say I don’t enjoy all the fluff surrounding Christmas, I do, but when you get to the heart of Christmas to me, it’s giving of your time or wallet or both.

  5. I think Christmas is a feeling, too. I think it’s almost impossible to describe what it really is–but it’s a feeling of connectedness in the best possible sense. So maybe Christmas can happen all year round?

  6. I shall restrain myself here, but in general I’m not a big fan at all
    And this one promises to be my worst ever.

  7. […] Christmas spirit is…………. ( […]

  8. […] Christmas spirit is…………. ( […]

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