Sights and Sounds and Smells of Christmas

“All these sights and sounds and smells will be yours to enjoy, Wilbur—this lovely world, these precious days…” ~ from Charlotte’s Web

The sights and sounds and smells of Christmas are what make the holiday come to life.

English: By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite sights are:

1. Lit Christmas trees laden with decorations.

2. The excitement of little kids when they get something they really wanted. I still remember my youngest son dancing and jumping up and down with excitement when he received a Fisher Price castle with all its accoutrements—it was pure joy and happiness.

3. A present with my name on it—(I know it is better to give than receive, but admit it—we all like to receive).

My favourite sounds are:

1. The tinkle of jingle bells in the distance.

2. Choirs singing beloved Christmas carols.

3. Laughter at Christmas get-togethers.

English: A cinnamon roll with glaze

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favourite smells are:

1. Stuffing or dressing—does not matter to me if it is inside or outside the turkey.

2. Ginger.

3. Cinnamon buns.

What are your favourite sights and sounds and smells of Christmas?

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  1. Unfortunately one of the smells is a huge increase in auto emissions from the bumper to bumper traffic.

  2. Sights: Parliament Hill lit up
    Smells: Turkey roasting
    Sounds: my grand daughter singing Jingle Bells.

  3. This post was simply delicious. I just finished wrapping up a box for my daughter to send off to NYC. Tape and paper and little gifties everywhere. Christmas music playing. (P.S. I am very very lucky to have friends in Canada. Re yesterday’s blog. It’s just that I think of you like us–not exotic like people from Africa and such. May have to revise that thought. Of course we’re ALL exotic–it’s just perspective!)

    • just didn’t want you to forget ALL your good friends–though exotic I am certainly not

  4. Coffee cake fresh out of the oven on Christmas morning.

  5. The Christmas tree lit up with unopened presents underneath, the smell of the turkey cooking and the laughter and joy of those around us…(one of the presents with MY name on it)…. Diane

    • you are a woman after my own heart–unopened presents are so enticing especially if there are one or two with our name on them

  6. There is nothing like the smell of a turkey cooking in the oven. Yummyyyyyyyy!!!! And I always loved the look on my boys’ faces when they came down the stairs on Christmas morning and got their first glimpse of all the presents under the tree. It made all the stress and work worthwhile. We used to put a tape recorder on before they came down so we could capture all the reactions. I should pull them out and listen to them again :).

    • sight sound and smells–you have it all wrapped up and evidence via your tape recorder– what a great idea

  7. I love going to a bookstore and browsing while sipping coffee. During holidays, it seems people are so nice. And the decorations are up along the streets, at my doorway and in our home. We got our tree up last night and it’s so nice. We’ve often been away from family during holidays. When that’s the case, we’ll treat ourselves to a steak and lobster, watch movies and there’s no leftovers at all. 🙂

    • bookstore brownsing is one of my favorite past-times–I would almost want to be away from family if steak and lobster were my reward

  8. Lots & lots of them this time of the year.
    LOVE the excitement of the season. Love the laughter, christmas lights, Christmas carols, jingle bells too! Scents of pine, cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, pies, cookies…I can go on & on 🙂

  9. I love the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, stuffing, and fresh mince pies. Unfortunately I won’t get any of that this year, as my DiL only does turkey for Thanksgiving, and doesn’t like stuffing or mince pies. 😦 I do love the excitement of the little children, the crackle of wrapping paper, and the sound of Christmas carols. I’m starting to get into the spirit of things, slowly. 🙂

    • mince pie with vanilla icecream and that sauce you put on Christmas pudding is to die for–but I probably won’t get any this year either
      -glad you are getting into the spirit–

  10. O true. I think these are universal sights and smells that make us all think and feel Christmas.

    • I forgot pine though and someone reminded me–need that Christmas tree smell somewhere and as I have an artificial tree–I bought a “real” wreath for the smell

  11. The fresh pine smell the first 24 hours after the tree is set up in the house; the sounds of the congregation singing “Silent Night” to candlelight at the Christmas Eve service; the smell of hot mulled cider.

    • oh cider–that is a good smell as is the pine and I find Silent Night so soulful

  12. Just the word Christmas gets me feeling a bit more festive. I admit I’m a sucker for Christmas songs, especially the jazz versions. I’m normally not a big fan of heavier scents but in this season, all those spicy, vanilla-y, woody scents just feel right. I also love seeing the festive wreaths and garlands that lots of stores put up. In essence, I enjoy pretty much everything that signals the coming of Christmas (even as I grumble about the crazy holiday shoppers everywhere).

  13. The scent of pine from the Christmas tree, my small town all lit up for the holidays, the sound of carolers, the sight of first snow, watching the soppy sentimental movies on t.v., the nighttime lights along the road. Wonderful post!

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