Churchill was wrong when he said “All we have to fear is fear itself”

English: Cowboy style boots

English: Cowboy style boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Krista’s prompt for today: People are afraid of all kinds of things: spiders, the dark, or being enclosed in small spaces. Tell us about your greatest fear — rational or irrational.

My greatest fear is that I will not reach my potential. People dream of retiring—but I do not. I dream of dying with my boots on—doing whatever it is at the time that I am passionate about.

Here are some other things I am afraid of:

1. Touching dead insects – you know when you see a speck on the floor and pick it up and then find out that it is a dead bug? Well that creeps me out. Live spiders do not bother me, but touching one that is dead does.

2. Driving beyond 15 miles from my house because that gets me into the dangerous territory of four lane highways, lots of traffic, and panic-driven mistakes. I did not get my licence until I was thirty-five and I still believe that me driving just locally (and never on snow or ice covered streets) has saved the lives of countless people.

3. Looking silly when I do not mean to be silly. Looking silly when you mean to be silly is a totally different thing.

4. Having to wear one of those beeper things around my neck and tell someone “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” That is my nightmare. I no longer laugh at those commercials. I think about the fact that that could be me someday.

5. Sticking my hand into a bag of potatoes and getting a rotten one. This fear harkens back to my childhood when my family kept 50 pound bags of potatoes in a shed outback (we called the shed “The Building”) and being sent out there at supper time to get potatoes. I stuck my hand in rotten potatoes several times and the stink and slime of the experience is still a very bad memory.

6. Trick or treaters who are taller than I am.

*7. Bananas.

8. Finding something hard when you bite into something soft. I realize that this needs some explanation—my husband once bit into frozen yogurt and found a piece of glass.

9. Heights. Or more specifically—looking down from heights.


Lighthouse (Photo credit: Bill Deys)

10. Climbing a narrow ladder that goes straight up—was in a lighthouse once with a very narrow ladder that led to where the light was and I got stuck halfway up and had to come down. Now if you think I am a chicken, I must tell you that before we were allowed in the lighthouse and near the ladder we had to sign a waiver. That should have been my first warning.

*I am not really afraid of bananas—just wanted to see if you were awake.

So what do you fear?

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  1. haha! I was wondering if you were going to explain about bananas?!
    mmm spiders. definitely spiders. live or dead, they creep me out!

  2. Snakes, heights, middle-of-the-night phone calls (never good news), disillusionment with life, loss of hope. Cancer, having watched my dad fight that battle. The unknown, at times. At other times, the unknown is a magic land of possibility that is oh so much more enticing than the schedule on my calendar!

    Amazing that you did not have a license until 35! You seem quite independent and fearless…really surprising! But good to know your strengths and limitations, even when they are self-imposed! ~ Sheila

    • the unknown can be such a mixed blessing–I love it when it is magical though

      I was quite a bike rider before I got my licence!

  3. Ahh I saw the * beside bananas and knew there would be some sort of explanation… “I hate seeing a spider or bug hanging from the ceiling or crawling somewhere…and I can’t get it… I hate the thought its’ going to end up crawling on me sometime. Of course if husband is around he gets the squeal of ””Come here quick””’ ! I have some serious fear…but won’t go there now…. Maybe a blog sometime… Diane

    • yeah, I do not like the idea of bugs landing on me either–but if I tell my husband he will kill them without benefit of a kleenex –using his bare hands and that is an even bigger yuck for me

  4. *I’m glad you explained the bananas – haha!

  5. Ewwwww, you just sent shivers down my spine with the potato one. I’m going to have nightmares about that now. It is soooo gross when that happens! Ewwwww!!!

  6. I hate heights too – especially looking down into water … it calls me … 😉

  7. My real fears are really too dark to discuss…but the day-to-day ones? Late night phone calls, crowds that require that everyonestandthisclose, the ocean (to swim in, not to look at which I could do for hours)…

    • I have a few of those dark ones too–they are better left in the shadows
      The ocean seems so vast–something to meditate on but perhaps not participate in
      Late night phone calls are the worst

      • The scare the hell out of me (late night calls)..

      • me too!

  8. With your boots on huh. What else do you do with your boots on 😉

  9. I like that you specified insects that are dead as being a fear. Well dead or alive, I fear them both just as much, though perhaps the dead one not as much. I can always just vacuum them up without fearing that they’ll scamper around the room, hide somewhere, or worse, suddenly jump/fly towards my face. I also fear social situations where I’m required to attend but know not a single person. When that happens and I haven’t found someone I can talk to easily, I usually end up near the refreshments. If there are no refreshments, that’s when I try my hardest to find anything to read, even if that means reading receipts from the bottom of my bag.

    • another trick to learn in those situations–admire someone’s piece of jewelry as usually most jewelry has a story behind it if it looks interesting–that is what I do–I hate situations like that and have had to learn to adapt; trick number 2–stake out the shrimp!

  10. Giggle giggle with the bananas! I am afraid of heights, but only in certain situations. I was afraid of bridges, but I’m getting much better and can walk over them with relatively little drama. 🙂

  11. […] Churchill was wrong when he said “All we have to fear is fear itself” ( […]

  12. This post was hidden deep in my emails and I just found it. I hope you have put a fear or two aside, but if not making your potential is still the largest, I would say you have a good comfortable life. And that is always good so happy 2014.

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