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Just to be contrary and to prove that it is not Thanksgiving here (Canada) tomorrow I thought I would write a post about all the things I am not thankful for. I am not often aggressively contrary –perhaps a little passive aggressive at times, but aren’t we all?


So it is just me—well, then—let me get on with my ungrateful list anyway:

1.  I washed one of my favourite sweaters with an errant Kleenex (actually it was a Scotties tissue) left in the pocket of my jeans. It is now covered in big white pills of tissue, strips of tissue, and especially wonderful—a million little itty bitty pieces of tissue. I try to forget that I really like this charcoal coloured V-neck and that it complemented about a million things in my wardrobe because I am really not up to harvesting all the bits, pieces and strips of tissue. I am very ungrateful for that stupid tissue.

2. I am quite unthankful for fact that I am not supposed to drink with the new medication I am on. I am not a big drinker (a bottle of wine lasts a week and a half at my house) but on occasion I do enjoy a tipple. Must admit I cheat a little, but with the permission of a pharmacist who says I can have half a glass of wine.

3. I am not grateful for all those people who got out there while the weather was still fine and put up their outside Christmas decorations and lights. Don’t they know that the whole spirit of the thing depends on frozen digits and runny noses?

4. I do not give thanks for the bad things that happen to me for the wisdom that they are supposed to impart. I can learn just as well from the good things.

5. I do not give thanks for socks with holes in the toes. Or the heels. But most especially for holes in the toes.

6. I am waiting for the infernal fashion of bare legs to be over. Who started this? Whoever it was—I am ungrateful for them.

7. I am really unhappy that a lot of the styles I wore three and a half decades ago are back in fashion—but I can no longer partake.

 Okay that is enough complaining—where is that half glass of wine I am allowed?

What are you ungrateful for? (American friends—you do not have to answer this.)

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  1. I’m not grateful about the UFO that invisibly descends while I’m washing those socks with holes, only to make off with one of the pair.. 😉

    • always just one–I had a least 12 socks that had no partner–they get lonely so sometimes I wear mismatched socks but mostly when I wear boats and no one knows

      • I do too!!

      • we really should meet!

      • I would love that – mismatched socks and one (small) glass of wine.. 😉

      • it is a date!

  2. Great post, I too hate and am ungrateful for the Kleenex left in the wash.

    As I was putting up the Christmas tree and checking the lights to make sure they were working, I noticed one was out….no worries I have extra…pulled out the old, put in the new, something I have done many, many times, plugged them back in and the whole string is out! Not a string of 25 or 50, no a string of 150…. Very ungrateful for that first little light, cussing it still!

    • I would be very ungrateful for that stupid light–very unhappy–Christmas lights are sometime my undoing

  3. I can’t even count the number of times that a tissue has sneaked its way into the wash. Many sheets of lint rolers later, I have found that re-washing is the only thing to do. Seems like such a waste though, re-washing an already clean , although linty, sweater.

  4. I am ungrateful for the glitter on my daughters new jeans that I just washed and now that glitter is all over the rest of the laundry. Glitter everywhere! Are you supposed to wash glitter clothing separately??? Jazz said, “Mom, I don’t mind glitter on all my other clothes.” Jazz is not ungrateful of the glitter. 🙂

    • ha ha ha -Jazz and I have something in common–I love a little bling too! That is just adorable! Give the girls kisses and hugs for me!

  5. And I can relate to the medication and wine scenario….I was on medication at one point and the doc said no alcohol. I asked if that meant wine or just hard booze. Doc said, no alcohol of any kind. I guess I couldn’t wrap my head around that so I asked the Pharmacist, he said a bit of wine wouldn’t hurt. I sided with the Pharmacist. 🙂

    • Pharmacist are all knowing and wise–particularly if they let us have a little wine! Wine is not alcohol–what is wrong with these doctors?

      • lol – wine is not alcohol….I say the same thing, we should live closer :-)))

      • we seem to agree on a lot!

  6. I do not give thanks for the blisters my feet go through because of beautiful shoes 😛


    • me too– I always wanted to hire someone to break in my new shoes so I would not get blisters!

  7. That was your best blog ever!!!!!! Kudos to every single one of those, and I’m in the same boat as you are! I love your blogs where you write your own stuff!!!!!! You are very talented and make me feel normal and laugh.

    • This is a great compliment especially coming from you–though your book tells of some of the stuff you have had to go through–you tell it with such a wicked sense of humour that your audience cannot help but laugh–and you are very normal in an abnormally talented way

  8. I am ungrateful for the fact that so many people enjoy cold weather sports..skiing,skating,snowboarding etc. and actually get to do it…I on the other hand cannot ..Don’t they know if they didn’t enjoy these winter sports…we would likely have warm balmy weather…. (dreaming)….. Diane

    • ah, if wishes could come true–my nose is sprained from twitching it a la Bewitched

  9. Since it’s only Thanksgiving Eve – I will partake & ditto you on #1, 2, 4, & 5.
    #1 – Unthankful for tissues left in pockets when I do laundry – UGH!
    #2 – I will still add a splash o’ rum to my coke though. Shhhhh….
    #4 – Fo’ real!
    #5 – The hole to put the foot in is all that’s needed. No extras.
    Happy Not-Thanksgiving in Canada 😉

  10. Regarding the tissue thing, if you put the item in the tumble drier for a few mins (while the item is dry I mean), it might remove the bits, that’s worked for me before – I know it’s probably an item that you shouldn’t really put in the drier, but a few mins won’t hurt, just make sure it’s only a few mins though!

    I did seem strange you posting all this negative stuff, it’s not like you! But it was an amusing list! I can’t think of what I’m unthankful for right now!

    • I will give that a try- thanks
      As for me being negative–sometimes you have just got to let it out-ha ha

  11. I’m really grumpy that my other half did nothing that I asked him to do today to help prepare for the feast tomorrow FOR his family.
    But I’m really grateful for my northern neighbor allowing me to vent on her space. Phew… Thanks LouAnn. Now how about I have the other half a glass of wine with you. It may prevent angry wife syndrome.

    I would like to say that the teenager picked up the slack of slacker-man. I’m grateful for that too. Very much so.


    • I am glad I provided a safe place for you to vent — I would be more than pleased to share the other half of my glass of wine with you–kids do come in handy sometimes don’t they– Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

      • ahh yes kids come in quite handy..so do the husbands, eventually :0)

        thanks LouAnn. “Clink”

      • sometimes my husband is very motivated, sometimes he is not–I try not to motivate with my foot


      • cold shoulder and the evil eye.. works every time. haaa well not every time.

      • hope it works tomorrow–or no pie for hubby

      • No grumpiness on a holiday. I’m over it. See? I’m too easy.

      • it was that half glass of wine we shared

      • Ha!! For sure

  12. Oh crap – don’t you just hate that Kleenex in the pocket thing? It drives me nuts.

    I’m currently unthankful for a co-worker that is a bully and extremely hard to like or get along with. I never thought of myself as difficult to get along with before. It’s making me cranky.

    I had a glass of wine too tonight. I’m not much of a drinker either, but it seemed to help quiet things in my head down a little bit while I went about making dinner.

    • every once in a while I run into someone who makes me feel like I am the difficult one when I get along with almost everyone–people like that make me feel cranky too
      an occasional glass of wine kind of rounds the edges off sometimes–or my now half a glass of wine–have a good evening Heidi

  13. Like your list. I’m ungrateful for my inability to always be grateful.

    • I know–I think we have to be ungrateful sometimes to appreciate when we are grateful

  14. Wait!!!! Did you say you don’t like bare legs??? OMG I can’t wait for it to be spring again so I can ditch the stupid nylons. I am ungrateful for the cold, snowy weather which means that I have to wear those dumb knee highs that end up rolled around my ankles after walking around outside in the cold. I do agree with your #1 and #3 though. My boys are always leaving kleenex and papers in their pockets, and we have not had a chance to get our lights up yet either. How did December sneak up on us so quickly this year?

    • Bare legs for shorts but not spray painted legs that look good with dresses–that is my beef! I am very very white and I avoid tanning.
      December really has snuck up on us–have to get in gear!

      • I lay outside and read a lot in the summer, so my legs get nice and brown :).

      • I am a shade person–so I am whiter than

  15. I so agree with number 6!!!!

  16. Oh how I LOVE this post! I am ungrateful for the part of myself that keeps telling me not to be ungrateful ha! Now I can tell it to shut up!

    • we have to be ungrateful sometimes–there is such a push to be thankful and grateful and count our blessings that sometimes we have to be a little human!

      • I agree!

  17. This was funny Lou. I love that you used the word tipple. I am going to start using that now. What a great word. I raise my full glass of wine to your half glass tomorrow. 😉

    • enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and as I get to enjoy my two and a half ounces of wine I will think of you and tipple a bit

  18. It’s the Kleenex! my husband leaves them in his pyjama pocket, and then it’s on everything else in the wash…. and nothing seems to take it off… I have some chic ruined black hand-towels wasting away in the cupboard…
    And don’t even get me started on socks… my husband reckons I have a one legged lover who takes them all…

    • they are truly a problem–I try to check my pockets but forget and I do not know why I forget as I have a constantly runny nose
      As for the socks–it is a true mystery………….

  19. What a great way to start off my morning! I definitely laughed my way through these. Given that the UK does not celebrate Thankgiving, I feel no guilt in complaining just a bit as well. I’m definitely not grateful for socks with holes in the toes either…. in fact I was forced to buy new socks the other day because I’ve now worn through three pairs of socks. Maybe I should do something about my toenails. I’m also not grateful for alarm clocks. They may get me up in time but I’ve yet to find one that gently but effectively wakes me up without making me grouchy the entire morning.

    • I hate alarm clocks too–they alarm me awake and that is an awful way to begin the day!

  20. Sorry about the half glass of wine dude. That sucks. I am not grateful that I have to clean the litter box everyday. Love me cat, but he refuses to go outside.

    • better than the cat peeing on important papers which mine has done twice now–but my husband and sons just love it to death so I cannot take it and leave it in the country
      I am sorry about the half a glass thing too–but there are worse things!

  21. hahah!! this was awesome! 😉

  22. While I am grateful for my wonderful Tonkinese cats, I am not grateful when, on cold nights, they poke me in the shoulder repeatedly until I lift the covers so they can get under in the warmth and then when they want to get out, they extend their claws into my legs. And no matter how much I try to ignore them, they will not stop until I comply.

    Great post, LouAnn. Sorry I’m late. We went to Denver yesterday for a day at the Art Museum – for which I was extremely grateful!


    • I have a crazy spoiled cat too who tells me when he wants to get and go out–but my family loves him–I would not be too happy about getting clawed either!
      I love going to Museums–so you had a great day!

  23. Hmmm…I know I’m excused, being an American and writing this on Thanksgiving Day, but just for the challenge….

    I’m ungrateful for the ferry trip between Ketchikan and the island that the airport is on…about a three minute ride across the Tongass Narrows, but the whole thing just irritates me. Why isn’t there a bridge to drive across?!

    I’m ungrateful for year end requirements at work…the compliance modules that I have to complete to show that I’m up to date on “language of caring,” workplace safety, customer service, etc…irritating to have to take these online tests every year!

    I’m ungrateful for the short days…I miss the light! It’s dark by 3:30 in SE Alaska this time of year. I just want my afternoons back!

    Alright, that’s all I can muster right now…switching back to gratitude! ~ Sheila

    • now tell me, didn’t that feel good? And now you can give thanks with a clear conscious!

  24. Great list. What I’m currently ungrateful for is when I moved from one state to another that all the junk mail people followed me. Why, oh why did the U.S. Postal Service send them on? When I worked in advertising we were told the reason we got such cheap postage for direct mail clients was it was never forwarded if an address was wrong. Oh wait. . .maybe this is karma.

  25. Thank you for one of the most delightful posts that I have read in quite some time! When I got to the end, I just about split apart laughing. I’m entitled as a “former American”. I escaped nearly seven years ago to the south of France and have more than I ever could dream of to be grateful for! This is where I always should have been. While I never made it to Toronto or Eastern Canada, I spent many glorious days in Western Canada visiting my grandmother and working for an aunt and uncle. We did the food concessions for the PNE, Calgary Stampede, Loggers convention in Squamish… There are some sweet memories.

    • so glad you dropped by — sometimes the pressure to always be grateful is annoying

      • 🙂

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