Cheese Puffs and Moth Balls

Chocolate Extravaganza!

Chocolate Extravaganza! (Photo credit: Rachel Ford James)

The Daily prompt by Krista was too good to ignore today. She wants us to “Tell us about the favourite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.”

I love a challenge–

1. Chocolate – but not all forms. Has to be just the right chocolate. I love a deep milk chocolate especially in combination with caramel and nuts—so I am crazy about O Henry bars. I love my Hostess cupcakes with that white filling that doubles as death by sugar; and chocolate covered almonds are to die for. But I am not crazy about chocolate chip muffins, or chocolate whip cream, or chocolate pudding.  And though dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, it is a little bitter for my palate unless accompanied by my favourite winery’s rose.

cheese puffs, the soft kind

cheese puffs without moth balls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Cheese puffs – I do not indulge in these often as they are a useless snack of lost calories—but they bring back wonderful memories of childhood—but also one disturbing one: one of my grandmas always had these on hand for a snack but she kept them in the same cupboard with her mothballs. I was always so disappointed when she brought them out because I could not eat them as they seemed to taste like what I think mothballs would taste like.

3. Shrimp. Ice cold and dipped in slightly tangy shrimp sauce—I have to try to be demure at parties when these are served so as not to eat more than my fair share. I fail at this, as whenever someone asks a host where I am at a party—the answer is always “she is by the shrimp”.

4. Pineapple – I just love chunks of fresh pineapple.

5. Chili and pizza – no explanation needed.

7. Bread – it would kill me to find out that I am whatever that is that makes you eat gluten free.

8. Coca Cola – I so try to give it up. I poured it on an ivy plant once when I was in university and the plant rusted. Seriously, I did that. And then still drank it. I now have it only on occasion.

Français : Une cannette de Coca-Cola italienne...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9. In no particular order: steak, prime rib, roasted potatoes, cheesecake, cherry pie, lamb, tomatoes out of the garden, corn on the cob dripping with butter and lightly salted, lemon chicken, scallops, stuffing, gravy, cashews, honey crisp apples, butter (shades of Paula Deen), onions, mustard, …..

10. Okay my favourite food is food except for lima beans, those cute little cabbage things—brussel sprouts, canned peas, and bad pastry that does not resemble pastry.

So, do you have a favourite food, or are you like me and just basically love food of any and (mostly) all types?

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  1. Laughing…I’m so with you (but for the cheese puffs)..just love food!!

    • that reminds me–I also love potato chips and Jos. Louis’

      • Laughing…they’ve just come out with chocolate covered potato chips here – something tells me I’m going to need to try those..

      • me too–apparently you can only get them at Target or Walmart–I forget which–must check it out

      • Really? I’m going to check it out too!

      • we will have to compare notes!

      • It’s a deal!

  2. Mostly all types, LouAnn. And I like the crispy, fried cheese puffs. I mean if you’re to eat them, may as well indulge in the worst kind, right? Which I rarely do, but savor every bite when I do.

  3. Brussel Sprouts, little green balls of death. Check my Fizz blog:

    Actually, I love them, lots of butter and white pepper.


  4. I love this post because anything to do with food, I’m in! My favourite favourite favourite food that I indulge in atleast twice a month, usually on Saturdays or Sundays is CHIP TRUCK FRENCH FRIES, the kind that are brown and double dipped into the deep fryer. And of course smothered in vinegar, salt and ketchup. I seriously think I could live on many forms of potatoes. And as for sweet, chocolate all the way. I love chocolate, dark (but not too dark) chocolate with sprinkles of sea salt and same goes for caramel, butter crunch or any form of butter that has been made into a candy and if sea salt happens to make its way on my caramel – all the better. Let the craving commence…

    • oh you are reminding of some more of my favourite foods–I think when I was a teenager I could have survived on French fries–though for some reason those chip truck french fries are the absolute best and I love vinegar and salt and ketchup on mine too–and I love caramel and sea salt–I got some icecream like that for thanksgiving and it was to die for with pumpking pie–oh food–I could go on and on forever
      from some of your posts on facebook though you seem to make healthy food look delicious!

  5. Oh, don’t get me started… guilty pleasure is Miss Vickie’s kettle chips, seriously could eat the whole bag(family size) and I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like. I could go on but I must go to the cupboard for just one itsy bitsy chip……

    • ha ha ha–Tyler loves Miss Vickie too–sorry I got you started and you are the original cookie monster you know

      • 😉

  6. OMG, I can’t stop laughing!! This post is awesome, and let me tell you, the site of me in the mirror lately is proof that I just love food – Period!! The only foods that I just can’t stomach are peas, brussel sprouts (my kids have never had them because I don’t buy them), coconut, and seafood. There are probably a few others, but those are the ones that come immediately to mind. One of my worst temptations is maple fudge, and I just bought a package with 12 pieces. How long do you think it will last?

    • if you are reading a really good book then they will be gone tonight–if not–by tomorrow

      • I was a good girl and left them at work so I won’t be tempted tonight :).

      • now that is portion control!

  7. #8 – Add a bit o’ rum & cheers! 😉

  8. Hey, you sound so much like me! Or I sound just like you! Seriously, almost all the likes on your list would be on mine. I too love milk chocolate and caramel and butter and real (not diet!) coke. I find that I can control most of my food issues with frequency and portion size. But I don’t think I could give up my favorites…just too delicious!

    By the way…love your post at parties! By the shrimp is an excellent place to position yourself! 🙂 ~ Sheila

    • so will you join me at the shrimp table? I knew we had a lot in common–I control my food issues most of the time but not all of the time and I cannot stand diet coke

      • With pleasure…just point me to the party! 🙂

  9. Haha useless junk is my favourite food (unfortunately for my mum!)
    We get twisties here, our version of cheese puffs 😛
    And I can down them quite well!


    • that should be my number 11. useless junk food– thanks for reminding me–

  10. Great blog! We can relate!

  11. Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese is my guilty pleasure. The other — which I indulge every day — is peanut butter right from the jar. It tastes decadent and when consumed mid-morning or mid-afternoon really curbs your appetite for salty carbs, which are far more dangerous in my book.

    • used to love mac n cheese but ate too much of it in university–love the peanut butter trick!

  12. I read this post last night just before going to bed and I got super hungry. Afraid that my midnight hunger pangs might cause me to say something wacky, I refrained until today (and after I’ve had my afternoon snack). My biggest weakness has to be pasta… and bread. I have a pretty big sweet tooth too but pasta and bread, oh dear. Put it on a buffet table and there’s no way I can bypass them without taking “just a smidge.” I love food (in case you couldn’t tell). 😉

    • me too– I would die if I could not have bread–my sweet tooth has gotten more rabid as I have gotten older

  13. I was never a fan of brussels sprouts either – until my husband started sauteeing them with bacon and then putting the frying pan under the broiler for a few minutes to melt some fresh grated parmesan cheese over them. They arent healthy for you anymore, but they sure taste good..

    • that sounds wonderful–I would eat them then–must visit sometime—don’t worry I don’t drive much more than 15 miles from home

  14. I pretty much love food, Lou. It’s one of the best pleasures in life. I watch Chopped all the time and it improves my cooking skills. I don’t eat red meat that often but I AM a meateater. I LOVE a good steak. Other favorites are chocolate chip cookies and milk. Daisy Cakes — Google this — they are awesome, but expensive so I’ve only ordered it twice now. Cape Cod chips. And shrimp, I love shrimp. Like I said, I love food. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I get to eat all these good things before I go back to being sensible. sigh. (and I LOVE dark chocolate).

    • I love Chopped and a lot of cooking shows–though I am not much of a gourmet myself I do learn things that I incorporate into my everyday cooking.
      I am going to look up Daisy cakes–if you like them I most certainly will–and if you like dark chocolate–try it with rose–it is heaven!

  15. I adore chocolate, potato chips and wine. I”m a diet pepsi girl and dislike Coke. I love creamy brie on triskets and good fried chicken. I adore ice cream, especiallly french vanilla.

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