Yup. That’s how they (thoughts) roll.

David comes up with some of the best quotes…..

Live & Learn





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Published in: on November 21, 2013 at 1:35 pm  Comments (8)  

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  1. Thanks for the giggles this morning, LouAnn. Too true, too funny!

  2. Haha that quote is so true in my case, as my family will tell you 😛


    P.S I seem to have lost around 1000 subscribers on my blog and I don’t know how, so if you were subscribed, could you resubscribe please? it would really help me out!

    • I seem to be following but I unfollowed and followed again–I have not been getting you lately–sometimes I go to your site after you have commented though–Hope this works

      • Thank you very much! I don’t know how or why 2 years of accumulation got wiped but I have contacted people and am trying to get to the bottom of it! If not, then I am very unfortunate 😛


      • hope you get it figured out–I have had some weird things happen on wordpress–the words on my site got small; my count for my followers is incorrect right now; I got a huge jump in visitors on the 11th and 12th and could not find where they had visited–it is all a mystery

      • Mm I can understand that, this isn’t the first, just the most major! 😛
        Haha who knows how the inner workings of IT work!

      • not me!

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