Cold Hill

Cold Hill (Photo credit: Fred Jackson)

Bracing cold winds blow

Sun hides, peeking out shyly

Embrace November

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  1. May as well embrace it. Great haiku, LouAnn!

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one — it is that transitional chill to winter that is such a bracing cold (even though in a month or two we would welcome cold as warm as this!)

    • we have to acclimate I guess–just got back from my morning walk and my cheeks are cold

  3. I’m having a hard time embracing this weather. I wish it were summer. 😦

  4. Your poem fits today perfectly, the sun is definitely shy, in fact I’d say a bit of a hermit lately.

  5. It has turned suddenly very cold here too, truly Novemberish now. 🙂

  6. Better to embrace it – it keeps one warmer..

  7. OK, embracing it with you. (It’s easier to embrace when you’re cuddled beneath a blanket in the house and the white is outside.)

  8. I’ll embrace it with a down comforter… LOL

  9. Baaaah. Do I have embrace this blasted month? Perfect haiku

    • no–you have my permission to reject it!

      • I swear it feels like January already.

      • which is not a good thing–I have been racing the clock trying to get things done outside–and I am not an outside girl–though I feel stronger already–me, woman, hear me cry

  10. I guess you have no choice but to don your woolly hat and scarf, and embrace it, cold and all. 🙂
    This is AD, popping in from my new blog.

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