Dear Life

hot crisp microwave snax!

hot crisp microwave snax! (Photo credit: tbone_sandwich)

“Dear Life:

What the hell? Seriously? Really? You are a piece of work. Either I’m worrying about you in the future or bitching about you from the past. You think you’re all that and a bag of microwave Bacon-Flavored Pork Rinds. Well, you can’t break me, you sneaky sonofabitch. Screw you.” -by Darla from She’s a Maineiac.

Today Darla wrote a bunch of letters to a bunch of people but this is the one I liked best—cause I am feeling a bit like she does about the whole life situation. And I am as defiant as she is—and determined not to let it break me either.

Thanks Darla, who by the way has the best sense of humour around. If you do not already follow her I would if I were you.

Will you join me in my defiance of the downs in life, and celebration of the ups?

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  1. Microwave pork rinds? Yikes! I’m with you, sister!

  2. Yup, count me in my friend.

  3. LouAnn,
    You often share posts by fellow bloggers, and as much as I love Darla’s writing, and that I think a link to her post today is called for, you my friend deserve a huge fucking thank you for promoting writers on this blogosphere. So, there.
    Le Clown

    • why, that is the nicest thing that has been said to me for a long time–thanks so much Eric–though I notice you do the same thing and I am just following in your hallowed footsteps

      • LouAnn,
        On an almost unrelated note, I have receive an email from a blogger that I shall not name this morning, and giving me grief because I apparently only comment on popular bloggers’ post, the way I did this morning on Darla’s post…

        That might just merit an “An Open Fuck You…” post in the weeks to come…
        Le Clown

      • now that sounds like a reblog to me–whose business is it anyway what you do? that is what comes with fame I guess

    • I think this reply is going to pop up under the wrong bit but there wasn’t a reply button under the bit I want to reply to! I just wanted to say that I couldn’t help but laugh LC reading what you said there about the blogger complaining – I can’t believe someone would actually email you to complain about that even if they thought it! As if you’re some kind of paid servant of the blogging community, hehe.

      • people think he belongs to them

      • I know, crazy right! He doesn’t belong to them, he belongs to me.

      • well, I knew that

      • Vanessa,
        I found it weird and somewhat offensive. I didn’t even reply… First of, I barely read anyone anymore… And I read who I find interesting… I do have favourite writers, we all do. Darla is phenomenally funny, and I love reading her, popular or not. I will read Weebles religiously, as her style I like. It’s that way. I didn’t even know who that blogger was. I checked it out, and there wasn’t anything bad or good, I am just not interested in the content, and that’s the way it is…
        Le Clown

      • I know, you used to run yourself ragged trying to get round reading as many people as possible, it was crazy! But you could read everybody or nobody, it’s nothing to do with anyone else, I’m incredulous that anyone thinks they have a right to complain!

  4. I was just going to comment on what a coincidence it was that I’ve never heard of microwave pork rinds before and then I see them in two blog posts in one day, but then as soon as I read on, I saw that it was in fact Darla’s post where I had seen them that you were referencing! (that sentence was a bit clumsy, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying!)/ What makes me laugh most about those pork rinds is the big thing that says “Only one gram of carb” or something, as if that’s going to fool us into believing this is some kind of health food!

    • enough to fool me–I am always convinced of something if I want to be convinced! Actually I had never heard of these before–Darla is putting them on the map

      • Is it wrong that I want to try them? It is, isn’t it…

      • but life is short–we must try things–then you could at least review them!

      • I doubt they’re available over here though, yet. If they’re new in the states, and become successful then they’ll probably make it over here at some point!

      • I have not seen them in Canada yet either

  5. Yes Lou Ann among all the challenges that seem to be happening I am reminded constantly in my heart of the many blessings that I have as well…and to give more credence to them than sometimes I do…because the negative can take over if I’m not careful…. so I want to celebrate the ‘ups’ definitely more than the ‘downs’… Diane

  6. You have totally made my day! Thanks for sharing my post with your readers. I honestly didn’t even know microwave bacon-flavored pork rinds existed until I googled pork rinds for this post. Hope you have a good weekend.

    • Hope you do too–Eagle Eyed Editor knows all about them–let us all go down south together!

  7. As a Southerner, I have to say it: there are pork rinds all over the place down here. I’ve tried a few but there’s not much taste to them. They’re better when you dip them in something. LouAnn, you and Vanessa need to take a trip down South! 😉

    • turns out Darla wants to come too–we will be there for New Year’s–have the pork rinds ready–I am sure they will taste good with the bubbly!

      • Oooooh, another blog party! YEAH! Robin Coyle should come too, but we’ll have to stop her from dancing on the tables!

      • Robin is missing in action–maybe she will come to a party though!

      • I’d noticed she was MIA. Hope she’s okay.

      • I see her on FB once in awhile and it seems she is busy and happy–but have not had any personal contact for a while

  8. I’m all for defiance of downs & celebrating the ups!
    On my way…
    Happy Friday Lou Ann 🙂

  9. Screw the negative things in life and enjoy every moment of the positive !!! Life is far too short :).

  10. I’m with Darla! Straightforward and blunt but she says it all and she says it well. 🙂

  11. Hi- five LouAnn.

  12. Hey, I like your attitude! And you’ve inspired me check out Darla’s blog. Sounds like delicious humor. You’re always a wonderful source…of encouragement, or humor, or something thought provoking! Thank you, thank you! ~ Sheila

  13. She certainly does have a wicked sense of humour. 🙂 Hope your weekend brings you lots of ups and no downs, LouAnn.

    • and I wish the same for you–a wicked sense of humour is sometimes salve for the wound

  14. I’m just getting to this. I think most of us are going a blah kind of phase. I am. Changes, they are strange, eh? Hope you and yours are well, Lou.

    • changes – can be difficult, can be good–kind of caught in the middle right now

      • I know what you mean. Be well, Lou!

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