november // bois de boulogne

november  (Photo credit: kygp)

   I have been largely absent in the blog world of late. Plying my trade in haiku—17 syllables at a time. Good discipline. Clarity of thought. But now I find writing anything longer to be quite a task. I am now thinking in syllables. I come up with something, and count the syllables in each of the words. It can be creative. It can be limiting.

          I feel almost as if I have nothing to say that cannot be put into three lines of seventeen syllables. I am adrift and must find my way back. It is as if I have nothing worth saying that cannot be edited down, parsed fully in few words.

          It is November, and on the face of it—this poor dreary grey month suffers as much as my writing. But it can be a full month where autumn has not yet given way to greyness. Where the sun shines not quite as warmly but brightly. Where anticipation of the holidays is joyful as the deadlines are still comfortably far enough in the future that we can enjoy them before being caught up in the whirlwind.

          In November, anything is possible. I can dream of a white Christmas, of a homemade Christmas, of a Christmas wrapped in gold and silver, red and green. Yet it is still far enough away to be a dream and not a nightmare.

          I have always thought of November as the bridesmaid and not the bride. But there is honour in being a bridesmaid—you get to share the limelight without being the focus. You get a pretty dress but no huge change in lifestyle. You get to celebrate, have fun, and come away unscathed (not of course that marriage is scathing, but it is life changing).


Christmas in the post-War United States

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         I love to read all the December magazines in November, celebrating the perfect Christmas, the best Christmas ever, without the anxiety of making Christmas perfect and the best ever. I will enjoy this lady in waiting month—switching over my autumn décor mid-month to neutral before readying for the festive holidays.  I will enjoy November, take a deep breath, and get ready to plunge heartily into the month of endless celebrations.

What are your feelings about November?


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  1. I love your poems Lou, but I miss your longer posts. So, know that you have a ready audience when more than a few well chosen words just won’t do.

    November is an important month around here…two family birthdays and a few friends with birthdays that need celebrating…..and hopefully a month that will bring my favorite sister for a visit.

    • I hope your sister comes too–as I am she, or her, or whatever–
      -will have to start writing a bit longer posts for my fan

  2. Today it is grey and wild, a stay-at-home day but I usually like November with its misty starts and droplets on spiders’ webs. I like it as well as it is usually a month when we stay at home! 🙂

    • I like grey and wild–particularly if I am warm and cozy–and misty is pretty

  3. This November promises to come and go in a flash and then it will be too late to pre-plan for Christmas. And so, I will let things just happen and meet the holidays head on though totally unprepared.

  4. I miss your longer posts too. I actually like dreary windy rainy days in November. It makes me want to put a big pot of chili on and read on the couch with Eliot and the girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun but a dreary day can be a great day too. As for Christmas, well…I think I am a bit like you.

    • I agree with you–nothing better than a pot of chili and time spent with family–especially if it is reading

  5. I am already surrounded by a blanket of white that can last until May! I want a fireplace!!!

  6. Seeing as we already had too big snowfalls in October, I’m a little nervous as to what November might bring this year. I tend to feel uptight this time of year because I’m always worried about whether Mother Nature will cooperate long enough for me to get my xmas shopping done without having to drive in stormy weather. I hate driving in snowstorms!! I would much rather hibernate until Spring :).

  7. I’m a fan of November. A certain special gal is turning sweet sixteen and who doesn’t love Thanksgiving. ( I know you celebrated already)

    I hear ya on the writing. I got nothing.

    I enjoy whatever you throw out here LouAnn.

    • you are lucky to have Thanksgiving in November–I am still working it off
      We are going to have to work on our writing I guess–wonder why I am lacking inspiration

      Happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter?

      I enjoy whatever you throw out there too Audra

      • Yup. Youngest turns 16. Studying for her drivers permit as I write this. Heaven help me — I’m not ready. I’m still recuperating from daughter one.

      • I know whereof you speak

      • Well my last two brown hairs will be white by next Tuesday for sure 🙂

      • me and Nice ‘N Easy have become fast friends

      • I’m beyond repair…

      • ha ha — me too………….

  8. Lou, November here is days of high 60s and then we get days of mid 70s. I say I miss those cool, cold days but today hubby and I went downtown, then to the beach where it was a balmy mid-60s and it doesn’t get dark until 6 p.m. I remember living up North where it was dark at 4:30 or 5 p.m., so I miss those really cool days but am adapting to the more island feel of where I am. I am a person who has experienced the up North and now the really down South. I do like the palm trees and the sunset, yet I long for those cool Fall days of North. I’m sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt and comfortable. Which is better? It depends on my mood…

    Much love,

    • We just changed the clocks last night–so we get light in the morning but it sure does get dark sooner. I think I could adapt to island feel weather–though I do like the change of seasons–enjoy no boots and mittens and snow shovels!

  9. I do not see your writing to be lacking at all (and that was way more then 17 syllables you just busted out with). I love the idea of November as a bridesmaid, it is very fitting. I am usually not one to embrace the coming of Christmas – there is so much to do and it come upon me so quickly – but this year I am already smelling peppermint in the air and looking forward to decorating.

    • That is what November is about–dreaming about Christmas before the reality sets in–though I do like the hustle and bustle but not the expectations I have of a perfect Christmas–but that is a problem I create and must solve

  10. I’m a fan of fall so I look forward to November each year. Of course, I don’t have to deal with snowstorms anymore so it’s easier to look forward to it

    • where I live there is usually little threat of snow in November–though sometimes we are surprised and get an early winter

  11. LouAnn, my view is that it is more difficult (much) to be succinct and write with clarity than produce tomes…and with your move to Haiku, you have elevated your game to a new plane. So, the message is one of Bravo!

  12. I love your description of November as a “lady-in-waiting month.” Makes me think elegant, classy, and creative. As my birthday is in November (in exactly two weeks!) as well as Thanksgiving, I tend to see it in a more positive light. I also like knowing Christmas is only a month away and like you said, close enough that I can dream about it but far enough to not feel any pressure. Anticipation can sometimes be rather more perfect than reality I think.

    • any month that has your birthday in it has to be a good month–in fact some of my favourite people were born in November! And I picture you as elegant and classy and creative………..

  13. Agreed! I always think of November as a welcome break between Halloween and Christmas. A time of reflection and quiet with Remembrance Day and putting the garden to bed…

  14. Lovely post. And, sometimes nothing more needs to be said then a sentence or two. Other times there needs to be more. You do them both well. 🙂

  15. November is kind of like March to me…an in-between time, full of so many different, unexpected things — kind of like ‘ordinary’ life, but with the potential for extraordinary moments.

  16. I love November because it is the beginning of the quieter months (except maybe for Christmas). I enjoy settling in front of the fireplace after dinner (in my pj’s, as soon as possible). I like the dark that comes early, and the need for slippers and a quilt across the lap.

    I haven’t had a lot to say blog-wise lately either. i think it goes in fits and starts.. Maybe it will pick up again with the winter quiet.

    • You paint a lovely picture–one I love to emulate and hopefully I will have more to share soon–I love what you share

  17. Haiku stuck on you
    not wanting to let you go
    It’s obsessed with you

  18. November to me is the prelude to winter…and which ‘hopefully’ begins with gentle flakes of snow…. preparing us for what will eventually be upon us in the coming months… Diane

    • I really don’t mind winter–especially the first snow fall–we do not usually get hit too hard where I live, though we do get occasional big storms

  19. We have two family birthdays this month, and my oldest granddaughter turns 18 on the 7th. How the years have flown, just as the days between now and Christmas will fly past in a whirlwind of activity, no doubt. 🙂

  20. November has always been my least favorite month – especially this year!! Can’t wait to get back into my own home and look forward to the first snow fall to cover up the grey and brown outside!

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