Harbinger of Things to Come

Textured Forest Floor

Textured Forest Floor (Photo credit: Martin Cathrae)

Warm blanket of leaves

Covers the lush forest floor

Limbs wave in mourning.

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  1. So nice, Lou. Here’s to warm blankets, a cozy fire and celebrating the seasons through life. Love to you and yours. xo

  2. I wave in mourning bye-bye to summer as well!

    • it seems to be officially over now with temps in the 50s or if you are Canadian in the teens

  3. Lovely – it reminds me of the Robert Frost poem – Nothing Gold Can Stay. I always loved that poem too.

    • must look that up

      • Found it for you –
        Nothing Gold Can Stay – Robert Frost

        Nature’s first green is gold,
        Her hardest hue to hold.
        Her early leaf’s a flower;
        But only so an hour.
        Then leaf subsides to leaf,
        So Eden sank to grief,
        So dawn goes down to day
        Nothing gold can stay.

  4. I love the word ‘harbinger’ in this context. Unlike the word ‘herald’, it has a sense of doom about it. Love your poem. 🙂

    • and many feel a bit of doom about the end of autumn

      • Exactly so, and that’s why this word is perfect. 🙂

  5. This makes me want to run through the leaves and kick up the blanket. Sorry. I know not as peaceful as your haiku but I can hear the crinkle crackle as I read, just waiting for me to run free

    • I love kicking up leaves too–and the sound of them under your feet

      • Yep til the snow comes. My front yard is a blanket of gold

      • so is mine–we have birch trees

      • I’m embarrassed to say I have. It’s huge though. Tallest tree on the street.

      • so that makes you queen of the street

      • Haaa queen of the ding dongs

      • lol

  6. Wonderful words to accompany the pic. Perfect for the season. Your fall is understandably further along than ours, but I know you will enjoy this walk. http://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/on-a-fall-walk/

  7. Felt somber. Or – maybe it’s just my mood today. Today is the anniversary of my brother’s death. I’m ok. Just one of those days…
    Hope you had a nice day 🙂

    • it kind of is somber – sorry about your sad day but remembering keeps him alive

  8. Lovely photo and poem.
    Autumn is my favorite season. I always look forward to the changing of the leaves.

  9. Lovely.

  10. This one is so special. It speaks of loss and mourning and since I am crying for our old dog who we just put down yesterday, this verse has tearful meaning.

    • so sorry about your dog/friend–I read somewhere that people do not distinguish between mourning for a loved pet and a person

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