Burning Leaves

Flavoured with burnt leaves

Autumn air tastes sweetly sharp

Smells acridly pungent.

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  1. Are you still allowed to do that where you’re at?

    • not in town unless you have food nearby and it is in a pit–but in the country you can

  2. You are on a roll with haiku! I do so love the smell of burning leaves, cut firewood and mowed grass. Haven’t smelled the burning leaves this year except in your blog. 🙂

    • Living in town I am not supposed to smell burning leaves but some of us find a way around it!

  3. Miss those rural smells….but my memory was jogged by your poem.

  4. Conjures up images of Fall and crisp weather, wood stoves, and hot chocolate. Love it.

  5. I love those smells too – haven’t smelled them out my way yet, but I’m sure we will. That, and the smell of woodsmoke coming from chimneys in the morning.

    • I love the smell of woodsmoke–my parents had a woodstove when I was little

  6. I can smell it…

  7. that is truly the smell of autumn – so poignant …

  8. Love the smells of fall…wood burning smoke. Leaves too! ~ Sheila

  9. The weird thing is that autumn smells smokey even when nobody’s burning anything.

  10. I’ve never actually done this. At least not on purpose.

    • your second statement scares me!

      • It was a minor chemistry set mishap. No worries. a simple garden hose did the trick. That’s when we ruled out science as my future.

      • ha ha ha–I had a minor chemistry accident too–an exploding test tube–and I directed the contents at a jerk–don’t worry–it was just vinegar and baking soda

      • Remind me not to get you mad when around a chemistry set.

      • you are not a jerk!

      • The better half might disagree occasionally 😉

      • my other (I dare not say better) half might too

  11. I miss the smell of burning leaves. One of the best things about fall!

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