Delicate Sensibilities

Today a story in the local daily about pink pumpkins caught my imagination. I took the address down and went on the hunt for my pink pumpkin.  I found it nestled among its sisters and brothers–not too big, not too small, plush but not obese —

English: The Giant Pumpkin competition at the ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Goldilocks would most assuredly declare it “just right”. It now adorns my front porch, adding a note of whimsy to my fall decor.  Its delicate colour appeals to my senses.  And the bonus is that part of the price of the pumpkin is going to cancer research. Here, in haiku form is my ode to my pale pumpkin:

Plush pink pumpkin glows

Beside its orange cousins ~

Diaphanous wisp of fall.

Are you a fan of the original orange pumpkins or do you like to mix it up?

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  1. I’ve seen pictures of pumpkins spray painted gold that were gorgeous but haven’t tried it myself.

    • A friend of mine did it one year and gave me one–they are really pretty and spice up the decor

  2. Pumpkins must be orange! Sorry, but I’m a traditionalist :).

    • until today I would have agreed with you but I have grown quite fond of my pink pumpkin–I do not think I will use it as a jack o’lantern though

  3. I kind of like the white “ghost” pumpkins. Spooky for Halloween. Love your use of diaphanous.

  4. Nice poem. I found a pink “warty” pumpkin this year and I love it! Last year a friend “glittered” an orange pumpkin for me and tied it with a fancy black lacy bow. It was awesome.
    I still gave glitter in my house!

    • glitter does hang around doesn’t it but your warty pumpkin sounds beautiful and your fancy pumpkin is right up my alley

  5. I’m seeing pumpkins in a way I’ve never seen them before on this trip around New England! 🙂

  6. I have never heard of such a thing, but I have to tell you, I think it’s marvelous! Pink pumpkins?!? Sweet!

  7. Why not pink….I love it!

  8. I’m so darn traditional…probably the original ‘orange’…. Diane

  9. Has to be orange… the only chance to have an orange vegetable !

  10. Love the pumpkin and the reason you bought it!

  11. My family had a pumpkin patch for years. We opened to the public every September and had hay rides, corn stalks, hot cider and such. But the best part was letting people wander into the patch and pick from so many different pumpkin varieties. We had blue pumpkins and white ghost pumpkins. But my favorite were the fairytales- that look like the pumpkin that turned into Cinderella’s coach.

    • you are describing something close to my version of heaven–and I love the Cinderella coach pumpkins

  12. That’s a really good question. I was at the store yesterday to buy a pain ol’ pumpkin and noticing all the off beat ones I wondered if people actually buy them. They must because there are plenty for the pickin. I decided to buy a few mini white pumpkins to place around the base of my large orange one and I must say, I like them! Off beat pumpkins kinda spice things up. Great post!

  13. I’ve seen them orange, I’ve seen them white, but never pink!

  14. Let’s be adventurous & mix it up a bit! 🙂

  15. I like the traditional orange but I like to pair it with a variety of gourds and other squashes for a mixed look.

  16. We share love of pumpkins. Check out my post “thank a pumpkin” by typing the word “pumpkin” into the search bar at the top left of my page. I show you how to prepare it after the holidays! Bon Appetit!

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