Night Sky

Silver sliver moon

Glowing in sapphire night sky

Crystal stars glitter

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  1. So beautiful 🙂

    • we are a mututal admiration society tonight–thanks so much bbff (best blog friend forever)

  2. Wow! I can’t pick a line I like more, they’re all so vivid…..perfect!

  3. OOOOhhhh I like this one … I can just picture it… Diane

  4. Guess who? 🙂

  5. . You’ve painted a lovely sky. I can see the glitter LouAnn.

    • I am glad you could see the glitter–sometimes we can paint a picture with words–thank goodness–that is the only way I can paint without getting it in my hair!

      • Haaa. You paint beautifully. I bet you could create with a brush as well. Your spirit says so

      • maybe I will give it a try……..some day–I love that you think my spirit is capable–your spirit comes to the forefront moreso than most

      • Hi five sister spirit ( grin)

      • 🙂

  6. So much alliteration! And I love it. (Can you tell I did way too much poetry analysis in high school?)

  7. Beautiful! The moon was just like this as we started our road trip. Thanks for this 🙂

  8. A night sky lit up by the moon with stars scatterd throughout is a beautiful sight indeed!

  9. Very pretty! It made the Don McLean song “Vincent” play in my head.

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