What Are Your Least Favourite Words?


Haikus (Photo credit: hadsie)

I have been on a bit of a haiku junket of late—and when I write a haiku I generally use words that are pleasant, denote an emotion, or are favourites of mine—which got me to thinking about which words I would never incorporate into a haiku.

The first that come to mind for me begin with the letter “p”: pigeon, puce, and puke. Though if you put homing in front of pigeon I no longer dislike it. Nothing can save puce or puke though.

Spittle is also not a favourite. There are a few other words that I tend not to commit to the page or verbalize (unless I am really really angry), but feel free to share any that I am too reticent to reveal.

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  1. There is one word in particular that I absolutely hate. It just makes me cringe, but it’s too nasty to mention here :).

  2. Most epithets (though there are two that I use with some regularity when other verbs/nouns/adjectives desert me. Any derogatory reference to anyone’s ethnicity, gender or religion. Those come immediately to mind.

  3. I absolutely and don’t know why I thought of it actually but I hate ‘vomit’.. it just congers up visuals I don’t want to think about… I always would say just ‘sick’… or something less nasty… lol Diane

  4. I have quite a few words I dislike and won’t use, or want used around me. Racial slurs, and one word for the female anatomy that begins with “C” are at the top of my list, but the other group of words falls in the category of put-downs especially when directed at small children, such as retard, idiot, and the like. The old saying that words don’t hurt is SO wrong.

    • the word that bugs you the most is the one I would put at the top of the list too

      • I knew you would know exactly the one I meant.

  5. Of course, I hate to hear swear words. I feel that besides being vulgar, it shows a distinct lack of vocabulary. Don’t ask me why, but I dislike the word ‘gravy’, although of course I do have to use it sometimes. 🙂

    • see there is a different word–I love gravy the substance though

      • Yes I also love gravy, but not the word itself. I’m weird. 😀

      • weird is good 🙂

  6. I have never thought of my least favorite words. In fact, my mind is going blank. Am pondering using a swear word in my gratitude post next week, but that’s because it’s a huge joke. May think better of it by next Tuesday!!

    • I am not surprised you do not have a least favourite word–that is a blessing!

  7. My least favourite word is probably retard. My older brother suffered a brain injury in infancy. I those days people like Donald were referred to as mentally retarded. Hearing that word used as an insult still makes my blood boil.

    • I don’t blame you–and you have a better reason than most though it is abhorent in any way shape or form

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