What Are Your Least Favourite Words?


Haikus (Photo credit: hadsie)

I have been on a bit of a haiku junket of late—and when I write a haiku I generally use words that are pleasant, denote an emotion, or are favourites of mine—which got me to thinking about which words I would never incorporate into a haiku.

The first that come to mind for me begin with the letter “p”: pigeon, puce, and puke. Though if you put homing in front of pigeon I no longer dislike it. Nothing can save puce or puke though.

Spittle is also not a favourite. There are a few other words that I tend not to commit to the page or verbalize (unless I am really really angry), but feel free to share any that I am too reticent to reveal.

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Season Changes Overnight

Inside Preview of Wet Fall Foliage

Wet Fall Foliage (Photo credit: catchesthelight)

Wet, cooler and brisk

Authentic fall at the helm ~

A relief of sorts.

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