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Family of ocellaris clownfish, Miyako Island, ...

Family of clownfish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By far Anonymous is the wisest of all those who purvey wisdom.
A shining example is this, found in a little tome I have called “Kitchen Wisdom”
put together by Jane Brook:

‘Carpe diem’ does not mean ‘fish of the day’. 

                                                             ~ Anonymous

I liked this for its simplicity. Sometimes we all need a good laugh. Do you have any favourite quotes in the same vein?

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  1. I don’t know if he is actually quoting anybody, but if we are going for kitchen wisdom, my husband sometimes tells me that the smoke detector is not meant to be used as a kitchen timer..

    • ha ha ha — I always use it that way!

    • Oh, dear…do you do that, too? It’s just so loud, I can even hear it in the shower. Seriously, you can’t beat that for convenience!

      • never quite looked at it that way–but it is true – lol

  2. My mom always said that you don’t go into a marriage thinking that you’re entering into the alteration business…she had a lot of those..

    • your mom was wise–sounds like she learned by doing (or learning not to do)

      • She was – and this was her comment about my first marriage..

  3. haha thanks for my morning smile! You can’t have your cake and eat it too…is one that irritated me as a child!

  4. Thanks for the laugh. I sometimes say, “Lord, please give me patience, and quick sharp about it. “

  5. Haha that is nice bit of wisdom 😛


  6. I learned a new phrase today–I had to google “carpe diem” to find out what it meant, but it is a great phrase that I’ll have to remember. .

  7. Love it!

  8. Thanks … as I’m watching the news, I needed the chuckle.

    • yeah- you guys are going through a lot – hope it resolves sooner than soon

      • It’s crazy and absolutely unnecessary.

  9. Ah…good old anonymous! I agree, wisest of all! Love your saying! ~ Sheila

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