Changing the World: One Door at a Time

Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa, looking north...

Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa, looking northwards towards the Parliament Buildings from Queen Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My niece Krista Kreling tweeted this today. She is a kind, loving, and intelligent girl. I thought I would share this with all of you. If you do not know, there was a terrible accident in Ottawa yesterday between a train and a bus and at last count six people lost their lives.

“Saw this quote in a tweet today and it has really resonated with me. Beautiful words on the heels of a very sad day in Ottawa. “I believe in kindness. I believe that when you hold a door open for someone, you change them – just a little bit.” June Callwood

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  1. It was a horrible tragedy….thanks for acknowledging it Lou. And yes your niece is all the things you describe….she will be touched you mentioned her.

    • to say I was happy to acknowledge it is not true- – it is a tragedy that should be acknowledged thoug
      and Krista is a sweetheart

  2. Thank you, Aunt Lou. I am touched and humbled.

  3. Very true. And here in Ottawa, where it seems that everyone knows someone affected by the tragedy, I think people are responding with incredible caring, compassion and bravery…and hopefully we can find a way to ensure this never happens again.

    • I certainly hope so–I was talking to my sister who lives in Ottawa and you are right–everyone is touched in some way

  4. Random acts of kindness make everyone happier 🙂

  5. Small acts of easy, possible to do without even thinking. And another person’s day can be changed profoundly.

  6. I’m so sorry to learn about this event. Sad for the loss of life. But I love the quote, and agree completely. From the comment above…”small acts of grace…” these help us face and cope with the hard times. ~ Sheila

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