Later in the day….a slower thought

English: Lascaux Caves - Prehistoric Paintings...

English: Lascaux Caves – Prehistoric Paintings. . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turned down the corner of the page for this quote so it is not so random, but it is also from Thinking About Memoir by Abigail Thomas. I find it to be truer than true–and that truth comes to light especially when you share a memory with someone who was at the same event and find out, quite by surprise, that you remember the same thing differently:

“Memory seems to be an independent creature inspired by event, not faithful to it. Maybe memory is what the mind does with its free time, decorating itself. Maybe it’s like cave paintings. The thing is, I’m old enough now to know that the past is every bit as unpredictable as the future, and the memory, mine anyway, is not a faithful record of anything, and truth is not an absolute.”

Do you find that your memory decorates itself and is not necessarily true to the event?

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A quick thought……………

Cover of "Thinking About Memoir (AARP)"

Cover of Thinking About Memoir (AARP)

I opened one of my favourite books, and chose a passage at random. It is from Abigail Thomas’ “Thinking About Memoir”, and if you have not read this little book yet–treat yourself. Here is the passage:

“Living is said to be an art, and like any art it must be practiced with diligence (to paraphrase Dr. Johnson) before it can be done with ease. There is nothing we do in our everyday lives that could not be done with greater understanding.

Very few learned this while still young. Most of us spent the first half or more of our lives trying to provide for our families and ourselves. It’s only in the later, latter half that the questions come: What must I do, how shall I live, what difference will my life have meant when I have come to its end?”

I am in that latter half and I am asking those questions. A life examined is a life revealed and learned from. I do not want to repeat my mistakes. I want to make new ones.

How about you?

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Wednesday Hug to All

I need one of these–how about you?


Thank you for the hug


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