One of Those Days I Should Have Just Phoned It In

English: Sotby phone box. These old red boxes ...

English: Sotby phone box. These old red boxes are becoming a rarity these days – one of the TELEPHONE panels has been put in back-to-front and upside-down. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michelle’s prompt for the day: “If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?”

Taste. Hearing. Seeing. Smelling. What the heck is the other sense? Oh yeah, touch.

I would not voluntarily give up a sense but if I were being tortured I would consider giving up the one I could not remember—touch—though I would most certainly miss it. If I did give up touch though, would that mean I would never again be bothered by scratchy labels? Touch though is a touchy subject—would I not feel hugs or register kisses? Giving up touch would be, on second thought, a hardship that the super-sensitivity of another sense would not make up for.

Sight. Never. I need to see and read and watch and measure and observe.

Hearing. I need to hear the voices of my loved ones. I need to hear to make conversation. I need to hear!

Taste. Well, what would be the use of eating? I guess we are supposed to eat to live, not live to eat—but that takes it to a whole new level.

Smell. Can you imagine not smelling the stuffing of a turkey ever again? Or cinnamon buns. Or the pungency of onions and garlic?

Okay so I would give up my sense of intuition, as it does me more harm than good, as I do not recognize it anyway—or give it credit.

So there you have it—no intuition. I would trade it for super-sensitivity in seeing, as then I could discard my glasses and near blindness without having to wear contacts.

This was a silly prompt—and a silly response to the prompt. I would get my money back if I were you.

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  1. You did a great job with it though (and I too think the prompt could have been a little better)…

    • not sure why I took it up —

      • You have discipline, which is something I so admire…and one of the qualities that make you such a fine writer – now just take that compliment, don’t second guess it. 😉

      • well, didn’t you just make my day! 🙂

      • And that my friend, makes mine! 🙂

  2. Silly indeed but it was fun watching you squirm it out

  3. No, no, no, you mustn’t give up your intuition! Please don’t. I think it helps you more than you give it credit. (Of course that’s just my intuition, lol.)

    • you are probably right–but I never know when it is working or when it is not–I will give it some serious second thoughts

  4. I wouldn’t give up hearing either. I love music and wouldn’t have the chance to hear my favorite bands.

  5. This is such a thought provoking post! I think the two I couldn’t possibly give up would be sight and hearing – there’s so much beauty in the world to see and so much good music to soak in. But cinnamon buns… *sigh*. Great post!

    • thanks Amber – certainly makes you put your priorities in place doesn’t it?

  6. We’re squarely aligned LouAnn

  7. Hmmmm….
    That’s a tough one.
    Well – as long as I keep my common sense – I think I will be ok.

  8. Does commonsense count? I never had that one.

  9. I have a little common sense, but in these days and times, common sense seems to be something that may people do no use. It certainly doesn’t seem to make things any easier for you if you have it. If you have it, it only frustrates you that others don’t have it! So, I’d give that up. Ignorance is bliss, right? Sandy

    • good thinking – without it we would not be in anguish over those who do not have it!

  10. But you missed the trick part of the question. If you were to give up smell you would also lose your taste buds. The two are so connected. I don’t much care for eating. I eat because I have to, I would probably eat even better if I didn’t have taste, because things like kale would then be on my menu. 🙂

    • I wish I did not care about eating–losing that pesky 15 pounds would be so much easier
      taste and smell are inextricably linked aren’t they–

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