File This Under: Some Days Are Like That

Hope springs eternal

Except when it doesn’t

And bounces out of view

Published in: on September 14, 2013 at 1:42 pm  Comments (19)  
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  1. Oh I like this ~ hope bounces…

  2. And bounces, and bounces and bounces……sometimes I have a hard time catching up with it.

  3. It does but it usually bounces back 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I love it !!!! Diane

  5. I hope today is a better one – for yeah, there are certainly days like this..

    • I hope so too — so I am not the only one up so early –have a wonderful day Mimi

      • You too my friend, you too.

  6. reminds me of another goodie:
    Aint how far ya fall,
    it’s how high ya bounce!
    Hope the end of summer is going good for you LouAnn!

    • good retort — and a positive one at that — thanks Anna–and happy end of the summer to you

  7. I hope it bounces back soon. I find it generally does.

  8. Hey, I had one of those days a couple days ago. My mood was so low and discouraged. (Haven’t felt this low for a long time and it was all over silly stuff, stuff that shouldn’t have mattered.) Ate some buttered popcorn to try to feel better and part of a darn tooth fell out. That’s when I opened the wine…

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