A Haiku for this moment

Big Tree with Red Sky in the Winter Night

Night (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Day is done; deep breath ~

A touch of serenity

Peace for the moment.

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  1. Thank you.

  2. I was having a peaceful evening until my neighbor started mowing his lawn– in the dark!! Grrr but then I read the beautiful haiku of yours and my tranquility returned. Well done LouAnn

    • I am glad it changed your mood–I have a friend whose neighbour mows his lawn every day — most times when she is having dinner guests

      • Who does it in the dark? Yesterday my other neighbor was blasting opera in her yard and her 95 year old mother was trying to sing it in French. High pitched Shrilling all afternoon. I’m glad I left work early to relax in my yard. Haa

      • I have never made the rise to enjoy opera–wish the guy had cut his lawn during that noise instead of at night–I am sure there is a bylaw that governs that–as
        as they say–the best laid plans of mice and women who take a few hours off to relax…………

      • It’s all kind of comical, aggravating and oddly comforting. Life 🙂

      • I love this definition of life–so true!

      • you inspired my post today! come and read it

      • 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree. Breath in, breath out with gratitude. Thank you.

  4. Lovely…

  5. Bliss…..lovely haiku.

  6. I love reading haiku…and I tried to read how it’s done but for the life of me I cannot comprehend… but I’ll just read yours….Diane

    • I think I may take some licence with my haiku–but I still like writing them– one formula is that a haiku is 17 stylables broken into three lines with 5,7,5 but that is only one way of doing it
      There are haiku police out there–so you have to watch out for the purists–but from my reading it is quite a free form of writing poetry if you want it to be

      • I think it’s the ‘syllables and lines thing that I find hard …but maybe I’ll play around and see what happens… (my little gray cells need upgrading…) Diane

      • it is actually kind of fun–I find myself leaving “the” out a lot – lol

  7. A feeling I identify with on this still, quiet morning..

  8. Feeling the peace. It’s a still quiet morning here right now except for that noisy blue jay whose chattiness only enhances the quietness. Happy Sunday, LouAnn!

    • Happy Sunday Kathy–it is a lovely day here–not too hot not too cold–just right as Goldilocks would say!

  9. I’m feeling the calm wash over me as I read. Thanks 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

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