Reblogging – Sharing the Wealth and Wisdom

English: Solomon's Wealth and Wisdom, as in 1 ...

English: Solomon’s Wealth and Wisdom, as in 1 Kings 3:12-13, illustration from a Bible card published 1896 by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are your thoughts on reblogging?

These used to be my thoughts:

1. Blogger is feeling lazy today so just reblogged someone else’s hard work and thoughts rather than coming up with their own original post.

2. No one can say anything better than I can.

3. I have wisdom to share, why share the wisdom of others?

Today, my new thoughts on reblogging:

1. There is so much wisdom out there that I am not privy to except by reading other blogs—and I now like to share that wisdom.

2. I do not have all the answers and others have them and deliver them eloquently.

3. Sometimes I reblog just to have the wisdom of other bloggers at my fingertips—on my site, where I can go back and revisit easily.

4. I am learning to share and not have my blog just be about me, me, me. That gets boring. Fast.

I find myself reblogging more and more now. At one time I would not have sullied my blog with the posts of others. Now I consider it an honour to host them on my site. They make it better. Thank you to all those I have reblogged in the past, the present, and those I will reblog in the future. You have opened up my world and made me a better person.

(If you are not part of the blogging world yourself—you may wonder what reblogging is—it is the sharing of other blogger’s posts by transferring their knowledge to your site.)

What are your views on reblogging?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged something (or if I have I’ve forgotten!) Although I have linked to other blogs and posts many times. I don’t have anything against the idea of reblogging, I just haven’t wanted to I guess. There are some sites set up where all they do is reblog, and never write their own content. I don’t understand that. But scattering reblogs in with your own stuff because you want to share it is absolutely fine. I have been reblogged a few times, and I feel very honoured when it happens, but I know there are some people who don’t like it, or they object if they have not been asked for permission first. I’m not sure why, it’s quite clear where the content originates in a reblog so it’s not like someone else is trying to take the credit.

    • I am always honoured to be reblogged–and I was like you for a long time–I think you just have to decide what you want on your blog–it is a very individual decision–and I sincerely see nothing wrong with keeping your blog totally your own
      I too, do not understand blogs that only reblog–but each to their own–some of them do find fascinating stuff

  2. I will sometimes reblog when I find something important and it is something my readers will be interested in.

  3. I often reblog, mainly posts that I a) find interesting and would like to share, b) posts that add to a previous post of mine, c)posts that are a new subject and I would like to add my penny’s worth at length.
    Reblogging is also a great way of making your readership aware of other blogs of interest.
    I also feel very honoured when someone reblogs me.
    I don’t like sites that just reblog with no original content, they get the bum’s rush very quickly.


    • you have summed up my reasons for reblogging in a nutshell and I am also honoured to be reblogged

  4. I have re-blogged older posts of mine … ones that didn’t get much readership at the time.. I have re-blogged only 2-3 times maybe. ..not sure why. Sometimes I think that if people follow me then they may not want to read other bloggers that they don’t know. But I think that I should be on the look-out for ones that they might like to!!.. Food for thought! Diane

    • I only started reblogging recently–and only those things that hit me deeply. I have reblogged my own stuff too

  5. I’ve rarely reblogged anything, but I do link to other blogs very often. Maybe I will start reblogging more often, though.

    • I should learn how to link to other blogs–I am so unsavvy when it comes to this stuff!

  6. As you’ve reblogged my posts a couple of times…thank you for the honor of sharing space on your blog! Second, I’ve only reblogged a couple of times but I expect to do more of it. As you say, so many wise bloggers out there (not speaking of myself, just others here 🙂 ) I often “like” posts so I can go back and find them easily, but your method of reblogging would be even more efficient. Hadn’t thought of that purpose! ~ Sheila

    • I really had not reblogged to much until fairly recently–I thank you for providing me with much worth sharing!

      • My pleasure!

  7. I do reblog – sometimes I just so fall in love with another person’s perspective or quote, that I feel it deserves to be passed along in as many venues as possible.

  8. I’ve only reblogged once or twice so far. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I think it has to be pertinent, and add something. But I’m not entirely sure what I even mean by that.

  9. I haven’t reblogged yet — I’d rather send my readers over to the other person’s blog so they have a chance to see what else that blogger has written and maybe decide to follow them.

    I’ve been reblogged several times and am always flattered when it happens. But I also hope that the other blogger gives me credit for the material I created; most do.

    • when you are reblogged your site shows automatically so everyone knows it is yours

  10. I admit I’m not a huge fan of reblogging, but only because I see too many people abusing it. Thankfully, there are other people (like yourself) who know not to overdo it and reblog things of value. I tend to like linking others and then adding my own thoughts but occasionally there’s something that doesn’t need my additional comments so in those cases I would reblog.

    • how do I link?

      • Oh, the same way you do for regular links. Just highlight the words you want to link and then click on the hyperlink icon (it looks like a paperclip) that’s on your dashboard when you’re writing a new post. (I hope this is what you were asking about.)

      • thank you — that is exactly what I was asking about my savvy friend!

  11. I’m not a fan of reblogging either. I have never reblogged myself but I do occasionally link to other people’s blogs when I want to refer to something they’ve said that I’ve found particularly meaningful or when I want to give them credit for something they’ve said that has inspired me to write a post of my own on a specific topic.

    • I understand–I do not do it often–but sometimes frind the perfect thing–must learn how to link

  12. I reblogged quite a bit when I first began, but recently I have left that button alone. I like to put links instead as a way to invite my readers to visit the site of origin. 🙂

  13. I have only reblogged a couple of times, but then again I do a Friday list of favorites which I also use as my bookmarks of sorts. I have had a few things I’ve written reblogged and am honored by the idea that someone else wants to share what I’ve written.

    • love your Friday faves–looks like a lot of work

      • Most of the time it’s not really that much work. Although I do hunt down the articles through my favorite blog’s blogrolls which is easier than trying to find something on google, plus I get surprised by what I find.

  14. I’ve been reblogged a few times and I’ve been terribly honoured that someone liked something I wrote enough to pass it on.

    I think I have re blogged once.

    • I have always been honoured too–it is certainly an individual thing–and not something I did for quite a while after I had started my blog

  15. I have never minded being reblogged (well it has only happened a few times, and I have been flattered). However, I hesitate to reblog for 3 reasons: 1. Some bloggers don’t want this (copyright issues); 2. A reblog, unless explained by you in the context of your own blog, might seem like a strange diversion; and 3. If you are following lots of blogs, and can’t keep up, it is the reblogs you delete first.

    • these are all good reasons–if there are copyright reasons then we should not be given the reblog option should we?

  16. I don’t reblog often, unless something strikes me as super good and it’s usually poetry. I think my readers expect a quick read. Ya know?
    However, when bloggers that I love and respect ( like you) reblog, I tend to pay attention. I’ve met good bloggers this way.

    • I try to be careful with reblogging and only reblog those posts that speak to me or that I think deserve a wider audience.
      I have found inspiration in your blog posts many a time

      • Likewise and thank you for saying so. You’re too kind

  17. If I ever finish everything that is on my blogging schedule, then and only then will I reblog stuff from other people. My blog is about life in Southern California, mostly San Diego County, from my perspective. Since there is only one me, and since there is so much of everything in Southern California and San Diego County, I suspect I’ll die before covering everything on my blogging list.

  18. The problem I have with reblogging is the impiicit insult to those whom I don’t reblog. ‘What’s wrong with MY blog?’ I hear them ask. In my mind i hear it anyway.

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