Video:The Space We Need: An Introvert Wakes Up, Slows Down and Starts Living According to Her True Nature

This is me on so many levels–beautifully expressed in this short clip……


Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it. ~ Epictetus

Something new for space2live… a short film (5 minutes, it’s worth it).  A visual to enhance the many words spilled on the pages of this site. Through filmmaker, Nic Askew’s, beautiful lens the experience, rather than the explanation, of an introvert is captured and shared in a soul biography. You’ll feel the honesty and vulnerability.  Enjoy.

THE SPACE WE NEED from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

How did you like the visual message vs. a written one? Was there a part of the film that spoke to you?

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I Love Me a Good Quote

English: Royal Monogram of Queen Marie-Antoine...

English: Royal Monogram of Queen Marie-Antoinette of France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What is a quote? A quote…. is a cut, a section, a slice of someone else’s orange. You suck the slice, toss the rind, skate away…..To loot someone else’s life or sentences and make off with a point of view.” ~ Anne Carson, “Foam (Essay with Rhapsody)” (from Decreation)

I love quotes. I looted this one from David Kanigan, but in the true spirit of the quote, I only took the parts that I wanted to illuminate, and left out some of the original quote, hence the dot dot dots……..

You can take quotes out of context and use them for whatever purpose you choose. The Bible, Shakespeare, and Hemingway all come to mind (those three in the same sentence is almost barbaric…)

As a journalist of sorts, I report on all manner of things, and know very well how to make someone sound stupid and mean, or intelligent and trustworthy—yet I do not use my powers, at least not consciously.  I try to be objective—and have to admit that in being objective, sometimes I am not subjective enough. Sometimes people deserve to see their words highlighted so they can see how others see them, to see the effect their words have, to see that sometimes they assess a situation incorrectly, callously, with no compassion to their fellow man or woman.

I will never stop using quotes—but when I do use them, I keep in mind that I generally use words frozen out of their original context and moulded to meet my circumstances and put forth my perspective. What did Marie Antoinette really mean when she said “Let them eat cake”? In a cursory search of this phrase I found out that she never really said it. According to Wikipedia: “Let them eat cakes was said 100 years before her by Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV. It was a callous and ignorant statement and she, Marie Antoinette, was neither.” This was from the 2002 writings of the Queen’s best-selling English language biographer, Lady Antonia Fraser.

Let that be a lesson to me. I will be careful not to “skate away” without forethought when I deign to quote other’s words in an attempt to “make off with a point of view”.

Do you ever think about the fact that in quoting someone, you are putting your mark on their words?


Winged keel from Australia II

Winged keel from Australia II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prompt: “We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?” ~  Michelle

Michelle was obviously not on an even keel this morning, using “as” instead of “we”—but as I have been known to make a mistake or two, I will not mention it. Okay, I will mention it but not make a big deal of it, as in I will not write a whole paragraph about her mistake. I am assuming that her fingers were misplaced on her keyboard. “As” is just below “we” and a little to the left. I understand. Many of my days are a little to the left. As in, I am not often on an even keel—I am usually a little offside.

Okay, I did write a whole paragraph about it. Good prompt Michelle, though it prompted me in ways you probably did not expect. Now back to the real prompt ~

An even keel. Interesting little phrase. defines it as: “balanced, as a ship is floating on its designated waterline and the keel is horizontal: by extension, to have a calm even disposition.”

English: Bow section of tanker SS Pendleton gr...

English: Bow section of tanker SS Pendleton grounded near Pollock Rib lightship six miles off Chatham, Mass on the morning of Feb. 19, 1952.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can say is it is a good thing I am not a ship!

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magazines (Photo credit: sekihan)

If you will remember, a couple of days ago I wrote a post contemplating the start-up of a new magazine. I have since done some thinking about it and decided to call it “Mess”. The following is an addendum to that post that I fashioned for my lengthier weekly column. As that radio guy used to say a lot: “And now for the rest of the story” ~

 A little dose of reality in the otherwise perfect world of magazines has created a niche that I think can be filled with a slightly eccentric imagination ~  I think I may just start a magazine that shows “before” rather than “after” houses and call it “Mess”.

I think it might catch on—after all there are hoarders and collectors, too busy moms and dads, people who are more interested in intellectual pursuits than cleaning (that would be me ~  ha ha ha—okay I fell off my chair at that one), and some people who like to commune with dust bunnies. I envision “Mess” as having articles that would illuminate, celebrate, and reveal real life. Here are just a few examples:

1. Unmade beds are the ultimate sign of Happiness

2. Mess is the new Organized

3. Extend the life of your Vacuum Cleaner: Don’t Use It

4. Unexpected Guests? Spray Lemon Pledge in the Air

5. Let the Dust Bunnies Entertain at Your Next Holiday Party

6. Have a Clean Out Your Fridge Party (your guests get to eat anything that does not look like a science experiment)

7. How To Arrange Your Dirty Dishes Artfully

8. Cords: Don’t Hide Them Anymore ~ Celebrate Them!

9. What Your Dust Can Reveal About Your Personality

10. Crabgrass: It’s Green Isn’t It?

11. Who Would Rob This House?

12. Sheep: The New Lawn Mowers

What would your number 13 be?

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What’s Most Important in Your Life?

can think of nothing better for a Sunday than this–

Misifusa's Blog


Life Always Offers You A Second Chance…it’s called Tomorrow!

I got this in my email this morning and figured it was a great Sunday morning post!  So please, take a moment and enjoy a little thought changing video compliments of Simple Truths!  Just 3 minutes long, but well worth the lesson!

Click Here to Enjoy!

Shine On!


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I am the “Before”

Blue vacuum cleaner

Blue vacuum cleaner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cords running from my VCR to my TV display themselves prominently and proudly; the dust bunnies under my desk have formed a dance club; the dishes are threatening a coup if I do not get a new dishwasher that works; and my vacuum cleaner says it will not sit out any longer to fool people into thinking I am going to clean, when I actually have no intention of cleaning.

 My life is being taken over by dishes, dust and unwieldy cord displays, and one very snooty vacuum cleaner.

I am the before picture. Before the house is cleaned.  Before it is organized. Before the papers are filed. Before the dishes are done (at least if I had a working dishwasher I could hide them—my dishwasher is now a storage unit). Before the vacuuming is done.

I used to write articles for a “home” magazine. There were no dancing dust bunnies at these homes. No cords of any kind showing. The dishes were not on the counter. The vacuum was nowhere to be seen. Children were seen but not heard.

These were the after houses. After the interior decorator had done his/her thing. After Molly Maid and all her cousins had cleaned it. After the family had been ushered out, not to return until the photographs were taken.

A few of the houses that were featured had some before rooms.  Rooms where the people lived with crushed pillows and throws thrown willy nilly, and cords showing. I think we should have photographed and featured these rooms. I think I may start a magazine that shows “before” houses. What do you think—would you read it? I would in the hope that some people live like I do.

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Slices of life – Trifextra Challenge

I love the way this writer puts things into words–she is a true artist….

polysyllabic profundities

A million pixels of beautiful light – slivers of reality connected to create a bigger picture.

Life’s spectral portrait can be cherished in its entirety or by seeing each day for its individual beauty.



Written for the weekend Trifextra Challenge:  But in an effort to try to steer you guys back into the light and save the darkness for another month, we’re switching gears a bit this weekend.  This weekend’s prompt is to write 33 words exactly inspired by the photo project by Eirik Solheim.  Each slice of the photo compilation is a different day of the year, taken from the same location.

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Who Am I?

Who am I?

Who am I? (Photo credit: BuhSnarf)

“Who *are* you behind your online words?” is a question asked by blogger extraordinaire bottledworder today in her post. Her byline is “easy reading is damn hard writing”.

That is a good question. Tell me, who do you think I am behind the posts I write and the things I reveal on my blog? I have a good idea who many of you are: courageous, smart, excellent photographers, funny, well-read, thoughtful and kind; some of you are my good real life friends; many of you I have met here in this blog space, and I consider you good real life friends too.

As many of you know, I have been putting together a book on “Bliss” from my posts and your comments from the first half of this year. Consider any comments you make some more fodder for my book—so comment away—and be sort of honest (lol).

And remember, bottledworder is right, when she says “easy reading is damn hard writing”. Sometimes I get it right; sometimes I don’t.

(Yes—I know this is a self-serving post—but it really will help with my book. You will be doing a  girl a favour. And any of you who know me in real life are exempt from this exercise.)

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Could not have expressed these things better myself. In fact could not have expressed these things in words at all. Read and enjoy…………

Live & Learn


sunlight,sun, sun rays

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Is it?

Adirondack Chair

 (Photo credit: frontier.1968)

It is.

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