Of two minds. I seem to be of two minds about most things. Sitting on the fence is not comfortable—being able to see both sides makes decision-making difficult. Yet, I would not want to be any other way. So very sure of my opinions that I cannot see around my blinders.

But being of two minds makes everything take that little bit longer. Weighing the consequences of my choices; the pros and cons; but ultimately, doing the right thing wins out—even if it is not the easiest path; the most economical; the best way to further myself.

Confuscious Down Under

Confuscious Down Under (Photo credit: cogdogblog)

Confucius is purported to have said: “The man of wisdom is never of two minds; the man of benevolence never worries; the man of courage is never afraid.”

I understand what he is saying, but I believe that reaching wisdom for most of us does not come naturally—it is a process of growing up, experiencing life, and maturing into our wisdom. Perhaps someday I will be wise enough to know the right answer without hesitation; without conferring; without pondering—but I have not reached that height yet.

Doing the right thing seems like such an easy choice—but deciding on what the right thing is, sometimes takes a journey—a journey of discovery; a journey of mistakes and errors; a journey where sometimes the road has no turning.

Being of two minds does mean one is two-faced. It does not mean that your opinion is out waving in the wind waiting for the strongest storm to take it over. The goal of “being of two minds” is to reach the state of wisdom; to reach the best decision, not the most convenient; to reach for the moon while not dismissing the stars.

This post was inspired by lillianccc from the blog: High, High, Higher, who is leaving her job and going to grad school. And while she is sure of her path, she is starting to miss what she is leaving behind. That is normal. When we say good-bye to something, it is very human to have doubts; to wonder if we made the right decision; to perhaps mourn the loss of something known for the unknown.

She is leaving her job for many reasons, one being that she felt she was not making enough of a contribution—that her hard work was being wasted. I know exactly how that feels. How many times have we put our heart and soul into something for it to come to naught? I am starting on such a project in the next few days—there will be some hard work and time spent doing unpleasant things, and the outcome is questionable. The outcome could make all the difference, or once again, dash hopes. But that is life—and not to take on the project, not to do it, would mean that failure is a sure thing.

So, as I gear up to do the hard thing—I am of two minds—but the one who will be victorious is the one that chooses the hard path, that it may smooth the way for the future.

Are you of two minds? Or do you agree with Confucius—that we should know the right path and take it without assessing, evaluating, debating, and yes, brooding a bit?


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  1. Yes. And now you have us wondering about your project…(Sorry)

    • It is jumping through a thousand hoops for some financial backing

      • Hmmmm. Then I would argue $ secured or not, you will have learned from the exercise. Good luck LouAnn

  2. I just sent this to a good friend. We are both always on the fence about everything!

  3. I think there are a bunch of us who are of 2 minds! May you reach your goal and find the hoops you are jumping are helping the experience be even more worthwhile ~ life and $ wise! ♥

  4. I think I’ve been straddling fences for longer than I straddled saddles (and that goes back decades!)…I think it’s good to look at as many sides of an issue as you can – as long as it doesn’t prevent you from taking action. And it sounds to me like you are (good luck!!!!)…m

    • good analogy – lol
      I agree that all sides should be considered–but eventually we have to take action–my eventuality is now

  5. Good luck with your new venture. I hope it is very successful! All the best, 🙂

  6. I think it’s a fool who does not evaluate before making a decision..either that or someone so confident in their decision that they do not feel it necessary because they have all the answers.. I think the latter would be very doubtful though….

    Your project sounds interesting… wish you the best with it …. Diane

    • I agree with you–there are very few of us who can make the right decision without thought

      Thanks for your encouraging words

  7. Trust you are on the right path Lou.

  8. I believe that the gift of circumspection is something to be proud of. It can save an awful lot of regret and heartache in the long run. Good luck with your project, LuAnn.

    • thanks–ah, circumspection–makes it all sound so intellectual!

      • Hehehe. Hope you now feel better about your indecision. 🙂

      • I do– I feel smarter now – ha ha

  9. Good luck LouAnn. I’m sending good mojo your way. I’m glad you JUMPED. Good for you!!

  10. I assume Confucius was just one of those lucky individuals who happened to achieve self-enlightenment relatively quickly. For the rest of us though, it definitely is much harder work getting to where we want without lots of pondering and hesitation. I’m honored to have inspired your post and you clearly get where I’m coming from. A new project is always daunting but I’m sure you’ll feel that much better for having started it. Wishing you lots of luck and good energy!

  11. A decision without debate is hastily made. 🙂

  12. It all depends what personality decides to show up for the day… 😆

  13. I am at a loss all the time with decisions, it is a wee bit frustrating at time! But I guess the thinking usually allows me to make the right decision 😛


    • even if it is not an instant decision–a well thought out one is usually better (not always–sometimes it is aggravating)

  14. I am totally on two minds, three minds, four minds…all the time. I love being that way (except when I don’t, ha ha.) But it seems better to be able to see many options and hopefully decide. Great post. One that many seem to relate to!

    • I know what you mean–sometimes it would be nice to make a snap decision and go with it–so much less angst and anxiety

  15. […] over at On the Homefront and Beyond, wrote today about this conundrum.  She claims she’s of two minds about many things.  She says being able to see both sides […]

  16. That’s a very tricky question because whenever you’re in the situation where you can move in a new direction, it seems other options always surface creating confusion and hesitation. In those times I really need faith that I’m making the right decision xx

    • It is sure not easy is it? But neither is making the wrong decision–though I have done that many times…………

  17. Yes I guess I too have the like of two minds, but I usually call it “pondering” over a situation.

  18. I am unbelievably rubbish at making decisions. I can never EVER decide lol 😉


  19. Like you, I often see multiple sides of a question..I think this is a character trait of someone with empathy…you can put yourself in the position of others. At least that’s how I see it! It does often create decision stress. I read somewhere that if you are “on the fence” about a decision, do a coin toss…in the moment that the coin is in the air, you’ll know which side you are hoping wins (and which choice is represented by heads and tails). Pretty basic, but it is a simple test of your emotional preferences. Good luck with your work, hope it pays off! ~ Sheila

    • I am seriously going to try that–because I can see it working–and a preference coming to light

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