A message to me: Let It Be

let it be

let it be (Photo credit: paval hadzinski)

  Picked up the book “one minute mindfulness” by Donald Altman the other day while getting some necessities at the local drug store. I have read these kinds of books before, but I need a constant reminder of the things that the books claims to provide. It says that it has “50 simple ways to find peace, clarity, and new possibilities in a stressed-out world.”

   Well, who doesn’t want peace and clarity?

   Finding peace and clarity for me is an ongoing process. I get caught up in the everyday drama of trying sometimes just to get through the day.  Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? Sounds like existing instead of living as Oscar Wilde warned us (in the quote I posted yesterday):

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~ Oscar Wilde


Books (Photo credit: henry…)

So in my enduring attempts to seek peace and clarity I turn to books—my main source of comfort, and my teachers. I have learned over the years that anything that labels itself simple is anything but simple. I think books should be more honest and tell the truth—the ways they provide sound simple, but they are hard. It is hard to change but in recognizing this, it is less overwhelming to contemplate.

Today I am going to put Altman’s Exercise called “Let It Be” to work—at least in my psyche and hope it works its way out into the physical world. Here is his suggestion, number 29 in his field of 50:

“For one minute during the day, let go of one belief or behaviour that you typically cling to. If you always eat all the food on your plate, leave some and learn how to let it be. If you normally expect your partner to do something in a certain way, try to take on the task yourself or surrender to the way it is even if you don’t feel it’s as it should be. Let it be. Every day, let one more thing be, just for the fun of it.”

I do not always eat everything on my plate so it is the second half of his exercise I have to concentrate on: Let it be. Not as simple as it sounds. At all.

The Beatles sang that “Let it be” were words of wisdom—do you agree?

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  1. words of wisdom indeed. it’s unfortunate we have to talk ourselves in to it but maybe if we do it enough, it will become part of who we are. i’m already good at letting the housework be and picking up a book.

  2. ‘Let it be’ are definitely words of wisdom. I always say ‘pick your battles’ which has a similar meaning doesn’t it, from another angle, but ‘let it be’ sounds much gentler!

    • either way if you pick your battles or let it be, in the long run you will be more content

  3. Yes, I agree.

  4. It’s so hard to let it be … when something isn’t right… I am always trying to ‘make it be’.. I’m trying hard to catch myself when I can Diane

    • it is hard to let it be–that saying – let go and let God is a difficult one

  5. I like The Beatles. Therefore – I agree – Let It Be 🙂

  6. I agree! I obsess over far too many things and need to learn to “let it be” in many aspects of my life! 🙂

  7. Hey Lou….”just getting through the day” could mean you’re living in the present….not yesterday or tomorrow. Not such a bad thing, right?

  8. The simplest advice “let it be”…written by Paul McCartney and referencing his mom in that lyric. And yet the simplest, most heart-filled advice can be the most difficult to practice. Letting it go..changing one small element of one’s day to experience what it is like to be ok thereafter. You’re on the right track LouAnn (perhaps because I feel the push and pull of this very effort personally I want to encourage you with additional enthusiasm). One moment at a time – sometimes the best we can do is breathe.

    • sometimes the best we can do is breathe-and that is enough for the time being–enough to get from this moment to the next

  9. If we don’t ‘let things be’ we will definitely be wiped out from everything we have to take care of. I love this advice 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. This makes twice in one week I have seen this message. The other post was here: http://irunibreathe.com/2013/08/20/all-my-troubles/ in case you want to check it out. I think somebody’s trying to tell me something. When I saw Tania’s title, I thought for sure the song was The Beatles’ Yesterday, but no, it was Let It Be. Very interesting little coincidence here. (i’m weird like that)

    • I think you are getting a message that you are supposed to hear–what do you think?

      • I’m not sure. What exactly should I let be? Blogging? Commenting on blogs? My chocolate addiction? Trying to be an Ice Road Trucker? 🙂

      • the last one–although if you went through with it you could be on TV

  11. Yes, I do agree. I think it often happens that it’s too easy to over react to something someone has done, believing something about it that isn’t true, or wasn’t their intention, but our too soon response, or wrong response worsens it all. I try, not alway successfully, to be more mindful, forgiving, and to see the humor, the grand story as a marvelous, magical game.

    • I think you have a wonderful perspective–particularly the seeing the humour part–and that everything makes up the grand magical story of life

  12. Dearest LouAnn, “simple” and “easy” are not synonyms, in my experience. Just because a concept is simple, does not mean it’s easy to execute. Once I released myself from that perception (simple=easy), it was easier to let things be. xoxoM

    • what you say is so true, simple is not easy–think I will add that to my new mantra–I am strong–I can handle anything…..

    • Your response inspired my post today- Simple is not Easy –thank you so much

  13. Let it be – yes, a good philosophy that I too need to embrace. Thank you Lou Ann for the timely reminder. 🙂

  14. Yes, I completely agree. The realisation that I could let myself be was huge.

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