Video:The Space We Need: An Introvert Wakes Up, Slows Down and Starts Living According to Her True Nature

This is me on so many levels–beautifully expressed in this short clip……


Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it. ~ Epictetus

Something new for space2live… a short film (5 minutes, it’s worth it).  A visual to enhance the many words spilled on the pages of this site. Through filmmaker, Nic Askew’s, beautiful lens the experience, rather than the explanation, of an introvert is captured and shared in a soul biography. You’ll feel the honesty and vulnerability.  Enjoy.

THE SPACE WE NEED from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

How did you like the visual message vs. a written one? Was there a part of the film that spoke to you?

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  1. Wow, I could really relate to this too. I grew up with a sister who always had to be the social butterfly, having a party or just getting together with people for every little occasion, whereas I was the shy one who was much more comfortable with myself for company. Don’t get me wrong, I can interact fine with people and can be quite social (in fact I’m known to never shut up), but I’m most at peace and happy when I’m by myself. Now I’m going to go and download that book “Quiet” by Susan Cain – looks interesting.

    • It is a great book (I own it) as is her talk on TED–I always wonder at people who do not need quiet time, time by themselves; I so need it to replentish and to get underwhelmed when I am overwhelmed

      • Yes, I get overwhelmed very easily too, and that’s why I love escaping into books so much! I am proud of how much I have overcome my shyness over the years, but I have also come to accept that I don’t need to centre my life around social events to be happy and content. My hubby and my boys are much the same, so hanging around the house on a weekend or taking in a movie together is a perfect weekend to us. I listen to all the people at work who are always making sure their weekends are always full of events and that their kids are signed up for multiple activities, and I wonder when they ever get to enjoy alone time!

        As for the “Quiet” book, I just found the ebook for free online and downloaded it :).

      • I have had busy times and did not enjoy them as I had no time to myself–and I need that time. Hope you enjoy Quiet–

  2. Thank you for sharing…this is lovely. ♥

  3. Thank you for sharing my introverted/awakening story. It’s a little nerve-racking admitting on film you can’t cut it in some arenas, but the response to the video has been very positive. I’m honored the message resonated with you. It’s wonderful to find yourself surrounded by kindred spirits. 🙂

  4. Wow, this is me too. I am very much the introvert. My oldest son is as well, but my younger son was the complete opposite and it was hard for him to be surrounded by introverts. I tried for so long to open up for his sake, it’s nice today being able to just be me again.

    • I know–having kids makes you come out of your “shell”–I had to for my boys’ sake too–but it was not my natural state

  5. In the video, when she said it felt unnatural for her to be so social and distracted so much of the time, that really hit home for me. It used to really bother me that what seemed to come so easily to other people (i.e. socializing, going out) was something that I often had to force or talk myself into doing. It’s gotten better now but I’ve also learned to accept that this is the way I deal with the world and there is nothing wrong that.

    • We are strong all by ourselves–we can socialize but it is not the be all and end all for us.

  6. […] read a blog post today from LouAnn at On the Homefront and Beyond  which was a reblog ~ and then I saw that David over at  Lead.Learn.Live  reblogged the same […]

  7. Thanks for sharing this ~ I reblogged it! 🙂

    • it is great isn’t it – and all of us rebloggers have different audiences

      • I know and that’s why that message needed to get out to everyone! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! ♥

      • I am glad I could get the message out a little further afield

  8. I love that “it’s ok to feel alive when you’re alone” I crave my alone time. I need it.

    Good share LouAnn. Thank you.

  9. It’s so important to understand and respect an introvert’s need for down time and to be alone. Thanks, LouAnn, this is certainly worth sharing.

    I’m on the cusp – I love being with people, but I cherish my alone time.

    A good friend teases me when he thinks I’ve been alone too long. He says, “Careful who you keep company with!” 😀

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