Winged keel from Australia II

Winged keel from Australia II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Prompt: “We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?” ~  Michelle

Michelle was obviously not on an even keel this morning, using “as” instead of “we”—but as I have been known to make a mistake or two, I will not mention it. Okay, I will mention it but not make a big deal of it, as in I will not write a whole paragraph about her mistake. I am assuming that her fingers were misplaced on her keyboard. “As” is just below “we” and a little to the left. I understand. Many of my days are a little to the left. As in, I am not often on an even keel—I am usually a little offside.

Okay, I did write a whole paragraph about it. Good prompt Michelle, though it prompted me in ways you probably did not expect. Now back to the real prompt ~

An even keel. Interesting little phrase. Dictionary.com defines it as: “balanced, as a ship is floating on its designated waterline and the keel is horizontal: by extension, to have a calm even disposition.”

English: Bow section of tanker SS Pendleton gr...

English: Bow section of tanker SS Pendleton grounded near Pollock Rib lightship six miles off Chatham, Mass on the morning of Feb. 19, 1952.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can say is it is a good thing I am not a ship!

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  1. Haaa indeed!

    • did no one else catch this or care–I think not–guess I am being nit picky today

      • I thought it was pretty funny.

      • I guess that means it takes one to know one

  2. It made me smile too Lou Ann…. not to be picky because of course you are not picky…if you were picky I mean you’d point out a grammatical error ….whatttt ? Diane

    • even though I went to school and majored in english I do not generally correct grammar as I find it a rather subjective thing–this was just the wrong word–so that takes me out of the running for grammar nazi

      • I know that you don’t do that….making fun of making fun was ‘funny’…. Diane

      • sometimes it is just nice to be understood–thanks Diane

  3. Wow I better watch my typos,:-)

    • me too after I picked on this one–but you and I are not choosing a prompt for thousands of people

  4. If you have an even keel the odds are good there’s a bloody great iceberg about to loom up out of the fog.

  5. Bless Michelle, she must have been in a hurry. She’s a busy busy gal. That photo of the SS Pendleton makes me sad. Poor ship.

    • I am sorry you recognized it. My husband is a diver and we have written many a shipwreck story –and they are all sad

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