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If you will remember, a couple of days ago I wrote a post contemplating the start-up of a new magazine. I have since done some thinking about it and decided to call it “Mess”. The following is an addendum to that post that I fashioned for my lengthier weekly column. As that radio guy used to say a lot: “And now for the rest of the story” ~

 A little dose of reality in the otherwise perfect world of magazines has created a niche that I think can be filled with a slightly eccentric imagination ~  I think I may just start a magazine that shows “before” rather than “after” houses and call it “Mess”.

I think it might catch on—after all there are hoarders and collectors, too busy moms and dads, people who are more interested in intellectual pursuits than cleaning (that would be me ~  ha ha ha—okay I fell off my chair at that one), and some people who like to commune with dust bunnies. I envision “Mess” as having articles that would illuminate, celebrate, and reveal real life. Here are just a few examples:

1. Unmade beds are the ultimate sign of Happiness

2. Mess is the new Organized

3. Extend the life of your Vacuum Cleaner: Don’t Use It

4. Unexpected Guests? Spray Lemon Pledge in the Air

5. Let the Dust Bunnies Entertain at Your Next Holiday Party

6. Have a Clean Out Your Fridge Party (your guests get to eat anything that does not look like a science experiment)

7. How To Arrange Your Dirty Dishes Artfully

8. Cords: Don’t Hide Them Anymore ~ Celebrate Them!

9. What Your Dust Can Reveal About Your Personality

10. Crabgrass: It’s Green Isn’t It?

11. Who Would Rob This House?

12. Sheep: The New Lawn Mowers

What would your number 13 be?

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  1. 14. The many uses of Febreeze.

  2. This is amazing!
    Two very enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’!
    Love it

    • And I know the perfect photographer for my new magazine–and I would pay you really really well (in my dreams–but seriously if I could I would–you are a wonderful photographer)

  3. I totally understand this.

  4. #13 Save the washing and environment… no sheets use sleeping bags (that’s a stretch but couldn’t think of anything brilliant) Diane

  5. “Old birthday cards, calendars, and movie tickets: 15 reasons to hang to them forever.”

  6. #13 Guests for the Holidays? Tips on Telling Them to Leave Their White Gloves at Home

  7. I have been housekeeping like that for years – happiness abounds


  8. Mess– love it. Haaa

    • but would you read it?

      • Hell I’m the centerfold

      • remember you said that!

      • Now you’re asking for a real mess…:)

      • ha ha

  9. 🙂 Love them all – especially the article about weeds being green too – it’s one of my husbands favourite sayings.

    And I think the name of the magazine is perfect.

  10. I’d say you’re very inventive!

  11. Laundry – if you can’t see the stain from 5ft away while squinting, it’s good to wear again.

  12. Erma Bombeck was right; dust is a protective coating. It actually protected some burglars from getting nabbed because of their fingerprints on my jewelry box. The cop said, and I quote, “Sorry lady there’s too much dust in your house for us to pick up a descent print.”

  13. How about “There really is a child in that bedroom somewhere” or “Company’s coming – best places to stuff the junk”

    • two good ones that would apply at my house! and the child we are trying to find is over 6 feet tall and 22!

  14. Very funny Lou! Really enjoyed it.

    • I just complained in an email that you were not commenting–now I am here to say I am sorry–glad you found it funny!

  15. Stains….the new black.

  16. When my then-fiance (now second husband) Lex looked under one of my apartment chairs, he said, “You don’t have dust bunnies. You have dust rhinos.”

    I handed him a broom and he cleaned it all up. That’s when I knew he was my man!!

    MESS. Can we include hair in this one? Love this, LouAnn, Amy

    • most definitely we can include hair–I cut my own so have to keep it curled so no one can tell!

      you have a keeper there–a dust bunny cleaner upper is hard to find!

  17. I love the title of the magazine! I would add, invite children and adults to a crafting party, anything not nailed down is free to create with, and they can take it home with them. This seems to work around here. 🙂

    • ah, but if they take it home then they are taking home the mess–you are one smart cookie!

      • Exactly. Who knows what my son really think of all the art the little ones have carried home from here 🙂

      • ha ha

  18. Creative, so inventive I like it.
    My #13 How to throw a roaring fun sock swap. Mate -up all those single lone socks whose mates never make it from the washer to the dryer some how.
    Were do they go?

    • I wish I knew where they went cause if I did I would have a dozen more socks–this is truly the mystery of the ages–maybe I will write a children’s book about it and come up with a solution to that mystery–thanks for the idea!

      • Looking forward to this story Lou. Envisioning a Where The Wild Things Are kind of story

      • I see it that way too!

  19. #1 – I am the happiest in the world 😛 (much to my mother’s discontent)


  20. #13 – How to spray paint your cobwebs to make them art nouveau

  21. #13. Tidiness: a new early indicator of IQ loss in later life?

  22. I think I’m due for a #6 – call out the dust bunnies to entertain! lol xoxoM

  23. Love the whole list.

  24. I’ll be your first subscriber! 🙂
    #13: Dog Hair- Fashion Accessory for everyone

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