So Many………….

endless possiblities

endless possiblities (Photo credit: PinkMoose)


Endless possibilities


Sometime when I write a haiku I cannot break some words down into syllables. I think possibilities is five syllables—what do you think?  Okay, some of you are going to tell me to check it out in the dictionary. So I will.

Be back in a moment……………

Okay, so it is five syllables. And it is also defined as “the potential for successful future development”. That is what I was going for.

Its cousins (or synonyms if you will) are: options, likelihood, opportunities, prospects, risks, odds, chances, and probabilities. But probability is not at all what I was going for—if something is probable it might happen or might not; possibilities seem more open and likely to happen.

What do you think? Do you like the word possibility or probability?

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  1. As an English teacher, I never thought of words having ‘cousins’ as opposed to synonyms. Good idea.


  2. Probable sounds possible ?

  3. Ooooh, I like possibilities much better because they are endless :). Like, what book should I read today while I sit on my butt on holidays – hmmm, the possibilities are endless.

  4. Sometimes one has prossibilities; a combination of the probable and the possible. 🙂

  5. Love possibilities, probabilities not so much. Probably because it reminds me of probability in math and that was one of the only subjects I ever failed at (the other being physics).

    • I was no good at math or sciences–though I liked science and math when I could understand it–which stopped about grade 10

  6. “Probability” sounds clinical to me, and too self-assured, as though one presumes to know the probable outcome.

    “Possibility” is where the magic is, LouAnn… anything goes, it’s on a whim, it’s in the wind… you know? Much better word, in my opinion. I live for the possibilities (even as I sometimes deal with the probabilities, which I tend to ignore!). Great fun, Amy

    • I love your definitiions–that is exactly how I feel–possibilities are magical

  7. I like ‘possibility’ as it allows for change… Probability is projecting the outcome …?? .. Diane

  8. Possibility–I don’t like being pinned down.

    • did not think of it that way-but yes, I agree wholeheartedly–have always been like this

  9. I love the Haiku, LouAnn!

  10. Possibility. I think that word is juicy. It’s a wide open word… Probability is a little bit more closed down, isn’t it?

    • that is my take on it too — we are usually on the same page aren’t we Kathy?

      • We are indeed!

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