my husband needs to read this cause sometimes he thinks he wins…..

A Simple, Village Undertaker

Page six of the user’s manual….


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  1. Too funny, This should be posted every where men go.

  2. This one’s gender-free

  3. […] Source: On the Home Front […]

  4. Thank you for re-blogging this…Ray

  5. My husband calls “fine” the “f” word…as in, “don’t you use the ‘f’ word on me!” I can hear the tone of voice in every one of these words…wonder how I know that?! Perfect! ~ Sheila

  6. :)!

  7. Uh-oh. Is it bad that I use all of those term frequently?

  8. So wonderfully hysterical… I had to dry the laughter tears before I could comment. Oh my Gosh!
    Funny and yet so very true in my world indeed.
    Think l should post these ‘rules of engagement’ in my house so there is never, ever any question.

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