A Quilt Scrap of Stars


Kingsville (Photo credit: Wilson Loo)

I live in town. About 8 blocks from uptown Kingsville on Lake Erie. About 7 blocks from downtown Kingsville. (Actually this is sort of a joke, because I do not know the difference between uptown and downtown ~ maybe I will Google it.) I am about two blocks away from the lake. One block away from our beautiful town park with rolling hills. The hills are very gentle, but in flat Essex County they are a rare commodity.
When I look up into the sky at night, I can see a sliver of the universe.Β  But I do not see the whole sky as there are trees and houses that block my view and streetlights that dim it.
I grew up in the country where the skyline went on forever, uninterrupted. I miss that. A blanket of stars and not just a quilt scrap. More than a glimpse at the moon but the moon in all its reigning glory.
I just read a post on the blog, lakesuperiorspirit by , and it reminded me of my childhood days in the country. Reminded is the key word as my experience was not the same as hers, but the endless sky hit a deep note of nostalgia for me. Check it out–It is called:
“How chickadees sleep at night in winter and other forest tales”.

What is your view of the night universe like? And do you know the difference between downtown and uptown?

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  1. At the cottage the sky is framed by tall fir trees and the night sky is something to behold….layers and layers of stars…..beautiful.

    I too remember the rural Kingsville skyline……endless blue, great memories Lou.

  2. Looks lovely πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for the shout-out, LouAnn. I was just lying on the couch and heard that late-autumn sound of a cicada calling and thought how nostalgic it made me feel. Kind of like chickadees. am also suddenly missing a skyline that goes on forever…

  4. When I spotted your title I couldn’t believe you were quilting πŸ™‚ It just didn’t fit the image I have of you. The night sky is important to me, when I don’t have an uninterrupted view I feel disconnected from the world. Where I live I have great views, the trees are far enough away to be a gorgeous backdrop but don’t interfere with my view.

    My impression of uptown is where the rich are, and downtown is where the businesses used to be. Just my impression

    • that is funny–no I am not a quilter–but I have an aunt who was great at it
      sometimes we forget how beautiful the night sky can be
      Thanks for your impression of uptown and downtown

  5. This was so beautifully written. The night sky is not something I often find myself gazing at – I am not a night owl. From our house we see a small circle of stars, fenced in by tall evergreen trees all around our house.

    • you have a natural frame for your night sky–I often forget to look up and when I do then I am sorry I do not do it more often

  6. It’s funny isn’t it? You grew up in the country and now live in a fairly large town. I grew up in the city and now live in the country. I love being able to go outside and see the entire night sky without it being ruined by the city lights :). And the sounds and smells of the country are way better too!

    • I loved living in the country–though my town is kind of nice I find it suffocating sometimes

  7. When I lived in Colorado we had beautiful skies at night. Now living in London if I see one star I get excited.

  8. I’ve only seen the night sky in the country a few times. It’s mesmerizing, while at the same time, the pitch black darkness was a bit unsettling for this city girl.

  9. Complete definitions can be found at Dictionary.com

  10. Ww spent a lovely weekend getaway in Erie and I must say we saw some beautiful sunsets. I also have no idea about downtown or uptown…I am always getting them confused.

  11. I live far enough from the city limits that darkness illuminates the stars and moon. We are about to have a spectacular view of an annual meteor that is best seen on August 11-12-13. I remember spraying the kids in a ton of bug spray, taking our quilts outside in the yard, and lying down to watch this awesome display of God’s handiwork. Now, we get to do it with our granddaughter. Thanks for allowing me to re-live a great memory. Sandy

  12. I live in the country where sometimes I get mixed up between the stars in an endless sky and the fireflies below as they all come together in July and August. As a child, my mother took us kids “downtown” to shop. I’m never quite sure what “updown” is. This is a charming post. I love this post. Thanks. ~Dor

  13. I just spent the August long weekend in Parrsboro, NS ~ my mother’s home town. The charm of it all is walking the same beach she used to walk, sitting on a park bench downtown by the bandshell where musicians still play on Saturday evening, and of course the night sky ~ the same stars she once knew, carpeting the sky and dropping their sparkle into the harbour. ~ Mary

    • what a beautiful memory relived and we do share the stars with our loved ones, here….and there

  14. The sky of my childhood went on forever too. I miss that. I am feeling more and more like going home.

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