Death to the Green-Eyed Monster


Drop jealousy and envy, for they make you ugly...

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For the rest of the month of August, I am going to take on Michelle’s daily prompts. No promises that it will be every day, but I am feeling uninspired of late, so her suggestions will be my fall back. Today she asked us to: “Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of”.

Dear No One:

I am not jealous of anyone. Seriously. Now to be honest, I would like to have what others have that I may not have right now, but I have a deeply held belief that I will achieve those things I have not yet achieved.

I will go to Paris and Tuscany and see the rest of Canada. I will get a book published (even if I have to do it myself). I will pay off my youngest son’s education loans. I will help my oldest son with a music studio. I will have the house of my dreams. I will have a butler, and a cook, and an upstairs maid, and a downstairs maid (okay I am getting carried away here—maybe the downstairs maid can do the upstairs too.) I have lots of things to achieve, so I best keep going……………..


Jealousy (Photo credit: williamshannon)

I have been jealous in the past, but have come to the realization that it is a false commodity. Jealousy is unrewarding, and let’s face—it makes you feel bad, both about yourself and the object of your jealousy.

Generally I have gotten what I want in this life. I have also gotten a few things I did not want. I am trying to get rid of those things. But until then, I am not going to be jealous of anyone……….

Sincerely, LouAnn

Do you agree that jealousy is a wasted emotion?


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  1. It is a totally wasted emotion. We should all embrace where we are in life. I believe there is where the beauty unfolds. Hope you are having a lovely weekend LouAnn.

    • beautifully said–hope you are having a lovely weekend too!

      • We are having a very restful one, which is just what we have been needing. 🙂

      • I am so glad–rest and get restored!

      • Will do!

  2. Yes it is, indeed! And yet such a human emotion. Our minds are always comparing ourselves with others and wanting more, more, more. But jealousy and envy are hopeless games. We can only be ourselves. Every comparison is doomed to fall short–because the other person isn’t us. I’m glad you’re not jealous of anyone right now. Don’t know about the maid business, lol.

    • but the butler is okay with you? lol
      I agree with you that jealousy really gets you nowhere

  3. Be zealous, rather than being jealous.. I guess. 🙂

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  6. I think it’s definitely a wasted emotion, but I also think that’s it’s unrealistic to think that we should never feel it because we are only human. I am generally a positive person and usually love how my life is unfolding, but I do have days here and there where I am jealous of what other people have or the places they get to go. Those days are few and far between though, and that’s what’s important!!

  7. I really dislike being jealous, but every once in a while it rears it’s ugly green head….l agree with the previous comment….we are only human, it happens.

  8. The perfect letter!
    Jealousy – definitely wasted emotion.

  9. Jealousy is a monster. I have moments of jealousy when I look around and realize I can’t do everything I want because I don’t own my home, then I stop and realize I really don’t want the headaches that come with it. Jealousy in a relationship is even worse. If you are jealous it’s because you don’t trust the person, or a sign that something is wrong. I will never get sucked into that situation again.

  10. I do for the exact reason you stated…it only causes discontent all around… I may admire someone else’s ability or something about them but as long as I don’t feel I need to be or have what they do.. then I think it’s okay… Diane

  11. Completely agree. It’s just a lose-lose situation where you feel bad and it usually ends up affecting those around you as well. It still comes up for me occasionally but I hope I can soon be as gracious as you about it!

  12. Yes I do. What ever or who ever I might be jealous of is a complete waist of time. They are probably jealous of something or someone to.

  13. I have to admit that I’m not jealous of anyone either. Jealousy is a pointless waste of time. It doesn’t bring you any closer to getting what you want and it makes you resentful of perfectly nice people who have done nothing wrong. We need, instead, to appreciate our own blessings.

  14. Jealousy is a comparison and comparison bothers me. Therefore, I may want it but not need it. It’s a heavy burden. Glad I’m over that stage in life.

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