Who I Want to Be

Renée Live

Renée Live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever find a description of someone you want to be? 

 Today in a post by renée a. schuls-jacobson, she described a blogger that she imagined to be a great writer. She said that the blogger  “can write about anything. She has amazing range: sometimes she’s funny; other times, she’s serious. She uses fresh images. She knows how to tell a story so it is unique and yet universally true. She responds to everyone. She’s generous, and her audience loves her.”

In this description Renée unknowingly described herself.  I am here to tell her that. And I am here to tell her that I aspire to be that kind of writer too. Just thought she should know.

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  1. Oh my freaking gosh! I hardly know what to say! Except this is the kinest, most generous post ever. I can’t believe you see me in those words that I used to describe another writer. It’s kind of humbling, really. I guess we never quite see ourselves or how we impact others, right? That’s the lesson there. Thank you so much for sticking with me all this time. You have no idea.

    But then again, I’m guessing you do.

  2. Umm…. I seriously thought she was describing YOU!! I think you’re the bomb (stolen from a younger generation) and so is your blog. I aspire to be more like you, lady. 🙂

    • what a lovely thing to say, and without sounding like I am copying you–it would be a good description of you also – xoxoxox

      • Haha! I guess we’re members of the mutual admiration society!!

      • we most certainly are!

    • I know what you mean, Lisa and okay I’m getting in on this dialogue. You and Lou (and some others) have kept me going.

      • I am glad to be one of the people that has helped you–you have helped me a great deal–I seriously cannot tell you what your friendship has meant–if others see this as a love fest, so be it–you and I and Lisa are best buds forever (plus a few more I can think of)

      • …Speaking of the mutual admiration society!! I feel the same way about you, Brigitte! I’ve had you on my mind. Hope all is going well. Xoxo

      • You too have been in my thoughts, Lis. Hope things are going wonderful for you. FYI — I know you like Hilton Head — there is a crazy good farmer’s market there (from what I’ve read) and Daisy Cakes (have you heard of the lady that makes these cakes?? She was on Shark Tank and is now a millionaire from making her grandmother’s cakes.) Anyhoo, I’m taking up way too much space on Lou’s lovely post. Take care of you, lady.

      • I have nothing but love for both of you!!! xoxox

      • Lisa and Brigitte–don’t know how I got so lucky to find such wonderful friends!

  3. Lou, thanks for the recommend and I will visit her, but my friend, you ARE that kind of writer. Xo

    • And Brigitte you are the epitome of that kind of writer–I still remember saying something to you that I do not think you found offensive, but Le Clown gave me what for about it (Le Clown and I are now friends)–you have great loyalty, and I want you to always remember it–and you have earned it! xxoo

  4. Isn’t it nice to be inspired by someone you inspire? That’s true love right there.

  5. I now have to check out this blog. 🙂 What a fantastic introduction.

  6. You’re already there my friend without a doubt :).

  7. Those are the sorts of writers/bloggers we should all aspire to be. Good on you for acknowledging Renee. She’s a very talented writer xx

    • I have only discovered you of late, but I think you fall in the same category as Renee–and you are right, we should all aspire to be that kind of blogger

    • Omigosh! So nice of you! I hardly know what to say. This is so humbling. The blogosphere is so wonderful.

  8. What a beautiful tribute and I know exactly what you mean, I have had someone write kind words and describe my work in a way that I aspire to, and see that they are describing how I see them, maybe its recognising those qualities we aspire to in others and that we often don’t recognise them in ourselves.

    What a kind soul you are to hold up the mirror and allow your friend to see her wonderful talent and to share it with us all. Bravo to both of you.

    • what a lovely comment–you are obviously in the same ranks as Renee–I have many blogger friends who fit the description Renee worded so wonderfully

  9. Aw, how kind of you.

  10. you are that writer too!

  11. Funny I think of you being a writer I want to emulate. You are indeed a writer I admire

  12. Awwww, that’s lovely, both of you 🙂


  13. Beautiful tribute for another blogger…….it’s always wonderful to let the world in on these best-kept secrets! Life is too short to hide one’s words under a bushel. :O)
    I am still trying to figure out how to verisimilitude……..thanks a lot!

    • glad you liked the tribute–and when I figure out verisimilitude I will let you known-happy Friday!

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