Just Being Silly Today: Gastronomical Dreams


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it.

It would be called the “Can’t Clean Your Plate Annie”. I am notorious for never cleaning my plate of all the food I am served. This of course enamoured me to my boyfriend, now husband, who gets to finish my steak or roast beef or half of the dessert that I thought I wanted but could not finish. (Funny he never opts for the broccoli or salad I leave behind–though I must admit I do not often leave salad or broccoli behind).

Though only part of my name is Ann, my full name is just not lyrical enough to name a dish after—it is, if I might be ever so slightly clever, a mouthful ~ as I added my husband’s name to mine making it  an even longer drink of water than it was before.

My signature dish would have to involve broiled scallops,  jumbo shrimp, and bacon wrapped steak, with a side of lobster and liquid butter in a small silver tureen (not cup, yes I said tureen), and don’t forget the twice baked potato with cheese and bacon bits topped with a dollop of sour cream and of course grilled asparagus sprinkled with parmesan. I think if I had to ask for a last meal on the last day of my death penalty stay in prison it would have to be this meal. And for dessert—chocolate cake and cherry pie with pretzel ice cream and chocolate sauce. {Yes my eyes are bigger than my tummy, hence the dish “Can’t Clean Your Plate Annie”.}

I know I have digressed from the original query from Michelle, but I got lost in a gastronomically sweet dream.

What would your dream meal consist of? (And no healthy choices today!)

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  1. My dream meal is simple. Pasta with garlic butter and shrimp. Maybe some bruschetta. Then dessert would be a huge chocolate fudge brownie drizzled in caramel, warm chocolate sauce and walnuts with a dollop of whipped cream and raspberries. Okay, maybe my dream meal isn’t so simple after all…

    • oh my gosh what a wonderful meal–I will join you–garlic and shrimp, bruchetta, chocolate, caramel–I am in heaven again!

  2. You got me at twice baked potato and parmesan but I melted with the dessert tray.
    Nice choices!

  3. I’d probably go for a four course cake meal. With creme brulee for dessert.

  4. Cookies, cookies and more cookies, with a side of ice cream with salted caramel sauce.

  5. My dream meal – too hard to pick just one.
    But – if I must – it would be steak enchiladas! YUMMMO!

    • sounds wonderful–now pick a dessert and side dish

      • Side dish- refried beans & Puerto Rican rice!
        Drink – Horchata
        Alcoholic Drink – Cuba Libre
        Dessert – Flan

      • what is a horchata

      • Horchata is a rice based drink – sometimes with vanilla and always with cinnamon. I always make it with both! Sometimes I add almond flavoring too. And – when I’m really feeling adventurous – a few drops of rum – LOL

      • yum!

  6. My dream meal would have my grandmothers best friends lasagna, anything my boyfriend from high school would like to make (he was a gourmet chef) and anything chocolate for dessert, maybe a German Chocolate cake.

    • a gourmet chef–if nothing else you ate well! I love lasagna and chocolate is my middle name

      • If all food tasted like chocolate I might actually eat regular meals 🙂 And yes he fed me very well. Courting me he delivered fresh sticky buns, just from the oven. They were huge! I still made him wait a few more weeks before I agreed to go out with him! I was cruel. 🙂

      • hard to get always works! I am afraid though if someone cooked for me,I would not be that hard to get (ha ha)

  7. I am the opposite of ‘CAN’T CLEAN YOUR PLATE”
    I can’t leave anything on mine! (I blame my poor mother)
    My signature dish would be called Sweet Tooth Ruth….

    • I like that Sweet Tooth Ruth–has ring to it
      yes, many of us were encouraged to clean our plates–I think my problem is my eyes are too big for my tummy

  8. This question is far too hard for me :(. I could never pick one dream meal because I have too many favourites. You know me – I love to eat!! Now, obviously, chocolate plays a HUGE part in every version of my dream meal, but right now I’m thinking about what we had on Sunday night. Mikey cooked a prime rib roast on the rotisserie on the BBQ with garlic grilled potatoes, and it was to die for. Add broccoli and cheese sauce to that and a dessert of a good old fashioned double layer chocolate cake, and it would be a perfect meal for me. Oh man, now I’m hungry again LOL!!

    • I am hungry now too–roast beef and gravy are at the top of my list and I love prime rib, and garlic and cheese–I think I could join you very happily in your favourite meal

  9. sounds yummy. mine would be “looks at the dessert section first and then makes up her mind about dinner”.

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