Last Night

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm (Photo credit: auxesis)

Wild and windy  storm

Brutal lightning and thunder clash

Birds sing; tempest gone.

I was awakened by a wild and wooly storm last night. Got up to check the Weather Channel and when the tornado warning was called off–I went back to bed. It knocked out the electricity–and all I could think of was the contents of my refrigerator and the fact that I would not be able to curl my hair to go on an outing we have planned for today. (I am deep).

But good news: power has been restored; the fridge contents saved; the AC is back on; and all is right with the world!

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  1. It was something, wasn’t it? I knew there had to be a good storm coming though because it had been so hot and humid for so long. It had to break sometime. So, you rely on your air conditioning eh? You would not have been happy at my house this week LOL!! It was 88F in my house all week. I was playing slip and slide on my couch, but I don’t mind. I love the heat :).

    • I do not love the heat–at all–but I think we get a hot and humid summer a little longer than you do and not the severe winters that would make me rejoice in heat

      • Cool! I’m coming to live with you this winter :). We will eat chocolate, read books by a crackling fire (if you have a fireplace), drink some wine, and then hit the casino – every day. Wahoooo!!!

      • we do not have a fireplace but we can set a fire in the living room–I want to do some redecorating anyway–I am with you–come around January 10th and stay until April!

      • Don’t tell my pyro children though or they will want to come and help with the fire. Mwah ha ha!!

      • my kids went through that stage — it is not one I was really comfortable with, nor was the stage where I no longer left my knives in their wooden holder on the counter

      • Ya, Bryan’s girlfriend just got back from Eastern Canada, and she brought him a really nice lighter. He absolutely loves it, even though he doesn’t smoke LOL! Eww, knive stage doesn’t sound goood :).

      • the kids still make fun of me for it–but better safe than sorry – lol

      • No kidding!! LOL

  2. Same thing at the cottage…..worried about the contents of my refrigerator! 8 hours later, hydro was restored. We weren’t there but my neighbour was and they came to the rescue…..hooked up our generator, and we shared it so our contents could be saved. Don’t you just love good neighbours? They think a mini tornado touched down on our lake….no damage to speak of, except one neighbour lost all his dock furniture and plants….the wind knocked them into the lake!

    • crazy making isn’t it–I am going with the fact that the fridge was not opened during the outage so all is safe–but if we die you will know why!

  3. But the AC is how The Machines try to control you! Haven’t you learned anything by reading the posts of The Robot Apocalypse on my blog??? 😀

  4. LouAnn,
    Glad you’re ok. Walked back from the grocery store yesterday with branches and power lines falling on cars. It was eerie, and beautiful.
    Le Clown

    • funny how the two can combine to create a fierce beauty–as long as you didn’t get hurt

  5. We had a storm here in Cincinnati, but it moved through quickly. I’m glad yours did, too.

  6. Glad all is well, LouAnn. Nice Haiku!

  7. It was bad here too… our little doggie has to have anxiety pills… We do count on our usual comforts don’t we…Diane

    • AC does not seem like a comfort anymore–it is a need–funny how we grew up without it, but I lived in the country and we were shaded by big poplars

  8. We had a tornado touch down in town here – but fortunately we were untouched, and luckily we were just far enough out that our power stayed on (we weren’t so lucky earlier in the week). You don’t realize how much you love air conditioning until it doesn’t work any more.

    The birds are singing here too – we even found a couple that had been riding out the storm in the garage this morning.

    • so glad the tornado did not touch you – I do not like the threat of tornados or the fact of then either

      when the birds start to sing, all seems right with the world again

  9. We too had a storm last night. The lightning was beautiful to watch but fortunately this one didn’t knock out my power. Funny one of the things you worried about was your hair. That would have been me in my youth, but having gotten tired of doing my hair I got rid of it all, hair dryer included. I would worry about the food in the freezer still, to put all that time into saving enough to fill it and then lose it would be very upsetting.

    • I cut my own hair and if I do not curl it you can tell that I cut my own hair–I go to a hairdresser on occasion but really do not like hair salons–
      I would almost enjoy hydro outages if it were not for the food in my fridge and freezer

  10. Tornados can be ugly. Thankfully – no real damage done. And – glad you got your power restored before food went bad. That can be an ugly expense. My parents lost power for almost two weeks last year during a storm. It wasn’t pretty. It some ways – it was like going back in time.

    • two weeks–that sounds outrageous but with all the bad weather we have been having it is not surprising

  11. I’m not sure but that might have swung by here, too? Crazy lightening and thunder. We didn’t lose power, though. Knock on wood. One year it was out for 5 days and I thought I was gonna die! Talk about first world problems! LOL!
    Glad you survived and that your food was spared. tee hee

    • cannot imagine five days–it was out here for a day and a half once and that was almost unbearable
      are you laughing at my food concerns?

  12. Storms are headed our way with some much-needed rain. I’m still in NY and I swear I don’t remember it being this hot in the Southern place I moved from and am going to. I’m glad you’re okay, safe and sound and all is right with your world again. xo

    • I will send some of our surplus your way–we have had a crazy amount of rain this July.
      Does the weather seem to be getting more severe to you–it seems to have more extremes

  13. I love storms and to lose the power. But hate losing contents of the refrigerator.
    Glad yours was saved.

    • thank you–me too–wish we could have both without the danger of losing hundreds in groceries–it always happens right after you have filled the fridge too!

      • I have been there often and why is that it happens just after restocking? I had a big deep freezer go out just after we had a steer that we raised for beef butchered. And we didn’t know for a couple days because we had not been out in the garage in the freezer. (ugly) Taught me to set up a dummy light so I could see it was getting power everyday.

      • we learn the hard way sometimes–oh my, all those steaks!

  14. So glad everything turned out well for you. My first thought would also have been my hair dryer. 🙂

  15. I hate storms…I find myself always wanting to hide until they are over. Glad you are safe and the a/c is back on!

  16. I have those nights too…waking up to realize that there is no light from the clock or night light…wondering if I’ll be able to do my morning routine…dryer and flat iron…and how lovely when everything is restored by morning, thanks to those hard working repair guys! ~ Sheila

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