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English: Ray Bradbury’s signature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“For I am that special freak, the man with the child inside who remembers all. I remember the day and the hour I was born.”  ~ Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

What is the first thing you remember? The first thing I remember is the birth of my younger sister when I was three. Not my own birth. Thank goodness!

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  1. I remember ghost in my bedroom when I was about three /four years…

    • that is scary–did you recover–or was it a good ghost?

      • At the age i was, I was never afraid of it, thought about doing a post on one day, but to be honest I am not sure what it was,,, but something. 😉

      • interesting

  2. I remember being in a stroller and having my brother looking at me. I think I was 1 1/2.

  3. Sliding down the slide at Kingsville park when I was about 2. It was the annual Crawford reunion…..I was embarrassed because my dress blew up over my head!

    • maybe that is why grandpa Crawford bought us skorts to go to the reunion in after that!

  4. Hmmm, I don’t have any really really early memories because my memory sucks, but many of my earliest memories revolve around sailing in the 1000 Islands. Those were the days….. (sighs).

  5. I only remember for some reason … a picture in my head of me riding a tricycle when I would be around 5 or so… why ??? Diane

    • my earliest memory is when I was not quite three and I was wondering how far back others could remember

  6. I remember a long road trip to Florida with my grandparents when I was two. Bits and pieces of it, anyway. Great question, LouAnn!

  7. I remember waking up in the dark and not being able to get out of my crib – which was pushed in a corner – I felt walls on each side, but in reality I must have been touching the same two walls, thinking they had surrounded me. Maybe that’s why I’m a little claustrophobic..

    • that is kind of an awful memory–no one likes to feel trapped, especially a teeny tiny girl!

  8. Oooohhhh. let me think…
    …i believe it was when my brother & I stopped drinking from a baby bottle. Pretty sad huh? We were about 2(he) & 3(me).

    • I don’t remember drinking from a baby bottle, though that does bring back a memory of me trying to get out of my high chair and my cousin yelling at my mom to come and get me–I must have been quite young

  9. My first memories are when I was 5.
    I am so surprised at how young your other readers remember things! That’s fascinating to me.

  10. I do not think I have a solid grasp on what my first memory is. There are too many stories and pictures heard or seen over and over again that cloud what is a real memory and what is implanted there.

    A story told over again and again or perhaps just one played over and over in my mind is the day I came home from kindergarten armed with a new vocabulary word, enemy. I did not know what it meant but I informed my older sister that she was indeed my enemy much to the chagrin of my lurking, all ears mother. I was sent to my room and not allowed to go down the road to our neighbor’s house to trade our cows milk for the eggs from her chicken – an activity I loved doing.

    • the innocence of youth–I am sorry you were punished for your new word
      I know what you mean about memories–we saw pics and were told so many things it is hard to know what were our memories and those of other people–the story that went around about me was that I was a screamer, until one day a very wise friend said to me, “of course you were, you had two big brothers!”

  11. I remember many things from my childhood, but I’m sure I can remember having my diaper changed. Seriously! 🙂

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