A Bat Flinger from Way Back

baseball bat

baseball bat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Always curious Michelle asks today: Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.

I am not a sports fan per se. But I understand sports fandom. At various points in my life I have followed basketball—going to high school and university games to cheer my school on, and then attending the games my eldest son was involved in. He was on basketball teams for nine years and he coached basketball camp for many a summer. The thing about basketball is I sort of understand it—unlike many other games, in particular football. I do not understand football—you get the ball, you run, and people pile on top of you. Sometimes you throw the ball. This is my full and total understanding of football.

I have attended a few hockey games and on the whole I like the game, but am not too big on the violence—and no matter what you say there is violence in hockey. And football. And to a lesser extent basketball. Not a lot of violence in baseball unless you get hit in the head with the ball or a flung bat.

Truth be told, I like badminton. And today I explained why to my husband. If you get hit with the birdie, you do not get hurt. Getting hit with a ball generally hurts, getting hit by other people generally hurts, getting hit by a bat hurts (I know this because I flung my bat at my grade six teacher when I was eleven and he had trouble not crying out in pain. I did not mean to hit him—I was just so excited that I hit the ball I randomly {and with some velocity} threw my bat and ran to first base.)

I have watched baseball and to me it is a real yawner unless your kid is playing. It is still a yawner then but at least you have a focus. When I was in grade 10 my French teacher was a real Detroit Tiger’s baseball fan, so during the playoffs we listened to baseball instead of conjugating verbs. I liked not conjugating verbs, but to this day my French is sorely lacking. It really was not the fault of this teacher though, but I need someone to blame….

Okay, what was the original question? Am I sports fan and if not, why. Sports and I have had a spotty relationship—I am not really athletically inclined, though I always fall back on the fact that I never really tried either. To be good at sports you need to be focused. You need to practice. You need to know your left foot from your right. I only own one of those criteria and I will not tell you which one.

I have been in the stands with people who are pure fans and I love their enthusiasm as long as they keep the swearing, booing, and yelling directions under wraps. I love a cheerful fan. In fact cheerful fans make me want to belong to their numbers. There is community in being a fan—and I like that aspect—just don’t thrown me a football, bounce a  basketball at me, or ask me to punt………..

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  1. Tennis is my game if I must say…but a little local football, english football that is, soccer to Americans, I think. 😉 smiling..

    • have you ever heard of pickle ball–it is supposed to be a form of tennis that is not so rigorous–I just learned about it at a municipal council meeting this week

  2. I’m with you ~ baseball to me is a yawner, but I like tennis and badminton! I can watch football if there are good snacks and it’s an exciting game! 🙂

  3. My husband is a Yankee fan-atic, which has had the affect of making me sleepy during games. I do like football, but again I have a hard time paying attention for that long. Golf? Another Andy obsession, another reason for me to be lulled into a drooly nap on a Sunday. Loved tennis until Monica Seles introduced the screech as an accompaniment to each stroke – now it seems every pro has his/her vocalization which just becomes irritating after awhile. When my kids played ball I was an avid fan. Now? I’m an avid napper. 😉

    • I am so with you–and I agree with you and athlete’s eccentricities–can’t they keep them to themselves

  4. My husband watches every kind of sport on TV but I quickly lose track of the action. I do enjoy watching the people in the stands and find myself wondering who the people are in the front rows, especially when I see kids in the expensive seats during a playoff game. Who are these people? Are they family members of the players? Mistresses? Before you know it I have daydreamed away the whole game!

    • that is the best way to get through some of the games–I often wonder who can afford those $1000 and more seats–don’t think there is any game I like enough to spend that kind of money

  5. Sumo wrestling. American football. Motorsports. That’s it for me. And I’ve never been a fan at all. You may understand this when I tell you I was a Bengals follower.

  6. Like you I hate the violence that is so prevalent now in hockey…but I do like to watch it and baseball if it is ‘our’ team… football, and basket ball… noooo! Diane

  7. I remember trying to tear you away from books to play baseball with me…..I even promised to do the dishes if you’d play catch…remember?

    • I was not much of an outdoor girl–did it work?

      • Yes it did work…..once you were outside, you, I think, kinda enjoyed it.

      • I did like playing outside once you got me out there–that was the trick

  8. I enjoy watching Rugby and Fifa world cup but in other sports, I just get bored unlike my brother and dad :p


  9. I always loved watching my boys play baseball, and I played for a few years when I was a kid, but truly I’m not athletically inclined either!! And my hubby doesn’t watch any sports on TV. Yayyyy!!!!! I’ve got a winner folks :).

    • ny husband does not watch sport much except we all used to watch basketball with my son–he does watch that car channel a lot and I hate it–too noisy!

  10. Badminton is my kind of sport. When my children were younger we used to have family badminton competitions almost every day during the summer.

    • we used to have a badminton net in our backyard when I was a kid–I just loved batting the birdie around

  11. I love summer baseball games. I prefer live over tv almost anytime. I think it’s more the spirit of it all really.
    Hockey – I just got into it when my daughter started playing. I’m a huge fan of my daughter! 😉

    • funny how you learn to love a sport when your kids play

      • Ha – Yes 🙂

  12. I am not a sports fan, never was. But my hubby and son are …. I used to tell hubby that if you cut him he will bleed black and gold! It never interested me, although when I was first married I tried to learn. I much prefer old movies, reading or sewing/quilting. Hubby always made sure we had two tv’s and always encouraged my sewing projects. He even went to his first Pittsburg Steeler game on our wedding anniversary – my gift to him. While I stayed home for a quiet but busy afternoon with our then 4 yr old son. Even when our son played I just could not get into sports, although I did go to his games when my work scheduled allowed – I worked nights and weekends.

    • we were good moms weren’t we?

      • but of coarse! 🙂

  13. I enjoy sports. I only admitted that recently. I was hanging with someone that didn’t like them so I repressed that like. That’s more a reflection on him than my like. I like the teamwork and the commitment it takes. I don’t like the millions of dollars some are paid, but I do like the work that goes into being good at a sport.
    My brother is here visiting and so were the British and Irish Lions and we went to see them beat Australia. While I live in Australia, I’m still Scottish 🙂 We had such a good time. I really enjoy sport. I love watching my son play soccer. I love his enjoyment of it the most.

    • I have always enjoyed watching basketball and it was kind of cool that my son played it on teams for so many years–in fact we still have a net set up at our house and he and his twenty something friends play out there all the time.
      I have a Scottish background too, but am somewhat of a mongrel with French, English, and Irish in the mix

      • I love hearing kids out the back playing with a ball. There is something about that sound that hits all the right spots.
        Mongrels are always the best 🙂 I have a bit of viking going way back a few hundred years.

      • Viking–very cool–wish I could claim that!

  14. Nice one! 🙂

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