Sleeping Earrings

I am wondering if you are ever faced with this problem: You read a comment on a post you have written and you do not know how to respond. Not a comment from one of those robots who cannot spell or are insulting—but really nice bloggers who seem so sincere in their comments, but you wonder what the heck they are talking about?

English: Earrings with pearls

English: Earrings with pearls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, yesterday, I was one of those commenters. I left a few what I thought were funny comments but the people who received them were confused and replied in a way that made me believe that my funny comments were not all that funny. Some of them responded seriously; some of them got my lame sense of humour; and some of them just did not reply and are probably still wondering what the heck I meant. They say when you have to explain funny, well then, what you are explaining is not, uh….funny.

Earrings with gold and "Sleeping beauty&q...

“Sleeping beauty” Turquoise Earrings  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I read really great blog posts, but there is something in the post I do not quite understand. I wonder what I am missing. I reread the blog—and cannot for the life of me understand what they are talking about. For example this morning, I read a post written by one of my favourite bloggers, and at the end she seemed to indicate that her earrings slept in. And I wondered what that meant—or did I read it wrong—so in my comment, I asked her if her earrings really slept in. I have not gotten a reply yet.

Now I often wonder what my earrings get up to when I am not wearing them. Now I know. They sleep.

If you are trying to make heads or tails out of this blog—just give up—I do not think it has a beginning or end. I am baffled, bewitched, bothered and bewildered today, and possibly not cooking on all burners …(my cauldron is being repaired).

Do you have days when your burner does not light or your cauldron boil?

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  1. Oh LouAnn sleeping earrings, cauldrons on fire and virtual foot in mouth… What a day!
    Today, I’m having one of those, “I got up early after a good sleep and feel like I can take on the world” kinda days…better get off this computer if I plan to take on anymore than the keyboard.

    • I want to have a day or two or three like that (yours not my foot in my mouth days)

  2. We all have those days… and I know what you mean sometimes when you have to re-read a blog to really understand what they are saying exactly….And you need ‘memory’ which sometimes I lack. Because sometimes the blogger for eg. writes something in the ‘first person’ as though it’s them… and you make a comment and find out it wasn’t (and you should have known that) Now when I re-read this comment it is totally discombobulated and you won’t know how to (I left it anyway) Diane

    • I understand it perfectly — many times I have been fooled into thinking something was a personal story only to find out it wasn’t

  3. Ah LouAnn, I am the one drinking the six-pack of ‘duh’ on a frighteningly routine basis!! I’m with you friend!

  4. Yes.

  5. I’m always afraid I’ll do something stupid like misinterpret someone’s post and leave an otherwise irrelevant comment. Without facial expressions and voice tones comments are pretty much open to different interpretations. One can be saying something totally pleasant and it’ll come across all wrong. So yes I understand what you’re saying. Understand the humor thing too – I tend to avoid attempts at humor unless I know the person well enough.

  6. I think it’s what you normally encounter in a blog — some people get what you mean and some don’t. When I get a comment like that, I usually wait a while before responding and try and figure out what the person really wants me to understand.

    • I do that too–and then if I still don’t understand I send a happy face unless of course the comment seems serious

  7. Yep, I sometimes read a blog post, or comment, re-read it, re-re-read it, and then think “Nope, not a clue what you mean!” A while ago someone left a comment on one of my posts, and I really couldn’t work out if he was having a dig at me, or being humorous, it could have been taken either way, and as it was the first time he had commented on my blog, I just didn’t know what he was like! Since then he has commented several times on other posts, and I can see that he’s fine and therefore the first time must have been a joke, but I was completely unsure about that initially. These blogging interactions are indeed strange! I’m sure I must have been misinterpreted more than once, either in my blog posts, or in comments I’ve made.

    • a few times I have wondered if someone was being mean but not often–if someone keeps on making dicey comments though, I erace them. Some comments are totally a mystery and these are the ones I try to untangle just out of curiousity

  8. As I read this I wondered if I had made a gaff in one of my posts, I have had to check and recheck while posting from the phone, but it wasn’t me as I haven’t written about my earrings sleeping. 🙂 I am commenting right now from my brand-new computer so feel free to point out my gaffs from now on.

    I think the main problem is that, like me, people write what comes to mind, but unlike me-most of the time, don’t preview their post before publishing.

    • you are one of my favourite bloggers but it was not you–you are so cute–and I would never point out a gaff you made–mostly because you don’t make them

      • Oh, yes I do, but thank you.

  9. I’ve had to learn (the hard way) that my sense of humor doesn’t always translate well into writing either. And occasionally it doesn’t translate well even in real life! But still, I try.
    I think as long as we have good intentions, it doesn’t matter too much (except maybe in the pride department) when we end up baffling people a little (and vice versa). For the record, I don’t think you’ve ever baffled me with your comments so now I’m hoping I haven’t either! 😉

  10. If it wasn’t for happy face emoticons, I wouldn’t leave half the comments I do because I’m always afraid that people are going to take me too seriously or think I’m being rude or mean. And I too sometimes receive comments that I don’t know how to respond to. I think you are in good company my friend. As for the burner not lighting, if my week continues the way it has started I’m going to need a rubber walled room. Yesterday we got to work to find our entire phone system had crashed and spent the whole day dealing with that, and it cost $2,000 to fix it (sort of LOL). We also had a printer that died, so I had to install a new one and get it to work with all the different programs we use. Then today we got to work to find out that our tracking program attached to our photocopier had crashed, and the whole morning was spent dealing with that. It’s amazing how much businesses rely on electronics nowadays. By the time I got home today I was totally brain dead. Tomorrow has to be better :).

    • if my computer went down I would be dead in the water–so I understand–we are dependent on our electronics–

  11. Good to know I’m not alone with those types of moments. Hopefully – your comment will be taken with humor as you meant it. Unless it’s someone new to knowing you – I know people will know you mean well with your comments & are never rude.
    Lights flashing, gates down – no train… 😆

    • you are a good girl Rosy–always with a comforting word and you make me smile

  12. Oh yes, all the time. I’m like earrings left laying on the bathroom vanity getting a few splashes of water and even some toothpaste residue.

  13. Now you’ve really made me laugh. It is a bit awkward trying to second guess what people mean sometimes. BTW, my earrings always sleep on my dressing table. I don’t allow them into bed with me. 😀

    • I have a couple pair that I wear to bed because they do not hurt–but I can imagine they scream in pain when I lay on them

  14. I wear hoop earrings and hardly ever take them out or I would never put them back in. So I guess they sleep when I do. And who doesn’t understand your jokes? I want names!

    • I wear hoops sometimes–though I have a big pair that I do not dare wear to bed–I do wear earrings to bed most of the time though–if I die in my sleep, I want to die with my earrings on–sort of like the cowboys who wanted to die with their boots on
      No names–they are nice bloggers and I do not want to embarrass them–it is just that their blogs are kind of serious and I wasn;t

      • Are you telling me I need to sleep with my boots on–oh I’m not a cowboy. Whew!

      • ha ha ha

  15. Most of the time I am just happy to get a comment because every single time I write a post, I wonder if readers will “get it”. But I figure the bevy of different writing styles is what makes this whole blogging experience interesting! The misunderstanding leads to a better understanding. Right? That makes no sense probably. Hold on, let me check my burner light!

    • I think you are onto something here–misunderstanding does lead to better understanding–sometimes–other times it opens a gash just that little bit wider

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