July in the Bananabelt of Canada

English: Sun in Splendour

English: Sun in Splendour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

July Saturday

Hot, humid, sticky, sweaty

Evening brings relief

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  1. Sounds familiar…..your poem captures Ottawa perfectly.

  2. And my area too – though not so much about the relief at night part.

  3. Yayyyyyy!!!!! My favourite time of year – the hotter, the better :). I’ll take this any day over shovelling the white crap! Mikey and I love to sit outside and soak up the sun, or like we might do today, we just hop in the car and go exploring.

    • have fun!

      • We had lots of fun :). It was hot and sunny, and we hiked, took pictures, ate icecream, and even did a little shopping in Tobermory. We didn’t get home until 9pm last night.

    • Me toooo. No complaining here! Thick and steamy!

      • you guys are just a little bit crazy or your winters are horrendous!

      • I just hate the cold 🙂

      • Me too :). I will take the heat any day…and the sun on my face, the sound of the birds when I wake up in the morning, the sounds of the frogs and bugs when I go to sleep at night, going barefoot, not having to worry about winter coats and boots and hats and gloves, driving with the windows down (air conditioning? Yuck!), sitting outside with a great book and feeling heat soak into your bones. There’s nothing better :).

      • Yes! I love the way the humidity and heat grab onto my skin like a welcoming blanket of comfort

      • Oooh, what a wonderful way to describe it. So much better than shivering isn’t it? 🙂

      • welcoming blanket of comfort–sometimes though it is suffocating–sorry about being the devil’s advocate here–ha ha

  4. As long as the sun is shining and the temperatures are above 50 degrees, I’m a happy camper. 😀 We’ve had so much rain that it’s like a jungle here. My flowers are incredible! That’s the only bright spot to all the rain. i’ll try and take a picture.
    Enjoy your day, beautiful lady!!

  5. Evening isn’t bringing relief around here… it’s hot hot HOT

  6. Exactly the same in Eastern Ontario too. Ugh. 40 degrees today. It’s putrid. And people think Canada is cold.

  7. It’s winter in my neck of the woods, but the tropical winter weather is perfection! 😉

  8. Yes, we’ve hit that humid stuff here too. Can’t win either its raining ir so sticky you wish it would.

    • the rain just stopped for a few minutes but it did not refresh anything — it is still hot and sticky

      • I am not sure when it will ever end. Again this week we have a forecast of rain all but one day. Grrr

      • us too — I am getting my boat ready–now how do I get those animals on it two by two?

      • Let me know when you figure it out

      • ha ha ha

  9. Short sweet and to the point… ! Diane

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